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Warn’s New VR Winches Meet Today’s Demands

Posted in How To on May 1, 2012
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By reading the title, you’ve now been forced to wonder, what are “today’s demands?” Glad you asked! Today’s off-roaders are a finicky bunch: We want the best quality, but we don’t want to pay anymore than what the worst quality costs. And while there are still a great deal of off-roaders who want the bar-none, best made-in-the-USA items, there are also a good number of enthusiasts who want to support U.S.-made products but just can’t afford it all the time in today’s economy.

Warn recognized all of this as new ultra-cheap overseas winches flooded the market. While there was still a large demographic buying high-end winches, there was definitely a new demand for cheaper units. But the company did not want to sacrifice quality control, nor did it want to ship potential American jobs offshore if they were to build a less expensive line. Enter the VR winch line, assembled in the USA but made with foreign parts and domestic parts, and at a price affordable to every off-roader.

When we wanted to add a new VR winch to an old Suburban that’s used for mild dirt roads and snow driving in the winter, we didn’t want to put on something permanent. The winch would really only be used for off-the-highway recoveries and chores around the house like stump pulling. That’s why we got Warn’s Multi-Mount and Quick Connector kit from Off-Road Power Products who works with Hazzard Fabworx in Spokane, Washington, to handle any of the install jobs that OPP needs. The crew at Hazzard had the entire Warn kit on the old SUV in just hours.

Line Performance (First Layer of Cable)
Line Pull (LBS) Line Speed (FPM) AMP Draw
0 29.0 69
2,000 14.2 179
4,000 9.9 281
6,000 7.3 381
8,000 4.8 457

Warn VR 8000 Winch Specs

Model: Warn VR8000-S (synthetic rope), VR8000 (steel cable)
Price: $729.99 (VR8000-S), $479.99 (VR8000)
Max rated line pull: 8,000 pounds
Motor: Series-wound motor (12VDC)
Duty cycle rating: 5 percent (45 seconds at max-rated load)
Geartrain: Three-stage planetary
Gear Ratio: 216:1
Brake: Automatic direct drive cone
Cable/Rope: 100 feet Spydura synthetic rope (VR8000-S), 94-feet-5/16-inch steel cable (VR8000)
Dimensions: 20.8L x 6.3D x 6.97H inches
Mounting Pattern: 10.0 x 4.5 inches
Weight: 62 pounds with Spydura synthetic cable, 80 pounds with steel cable
Fairlead: Polished aluminum hawse (VR8000-S), roller fairlead (VR8000)
Remote: 12-foot wired remote lead

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Warn Industries
Clackamas, OR 97015
Hazzard Fabworx
Off-Road Power Products

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