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Economical Off-Road Trailer Build: Part III

Posted in How To on March 21, 2012
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Photographers: Scott Paccie

Anyone can do it, really. You just need the right tools, the time, the aptitude to determine right angles, and ability to read a measuring tape. There's also the welding skill part but even that can be learned with practice.

Sometimes you have to take the torch and do things yourself. Building this off-road trailer has been one of those events. We had an idea and we ran with it. What you see here are the results as of yet. Though we watch metal fabrication occur with frequency we often forget to participate, so we relish in the times that we find the welder in our hand with a clean slate of possibilities ahead of us.

What we're talking about is building things out of metal. For this installment of our off-road trailer build, we'll break out the welder, the grinder, the levels, and the squares, and tackle a home fabrication project creating an upper deck atop our Harbor Freight utility trailer.

A few things we were considering altering on the Harbor Freight trailer were the trailer axle width, leaf-spring size, and tire height. We also planned to build the aforementioned upper deck that would support a rooftop tent and occupants while allowing gear to be stowed beneath.

Follow along as we break out the fabrication tools and tackle this project. Next month we'll finalize the modifications to our off-road trailer and get it in the dirt to see how it turned out.

PhotosView Slideshow
PhotosView Slideshow
In next month’s issue we’ll finalize the modifications to the upper deck, install and set up the ARB tent, hang the axle and new CJ springs, and mount up the wheels and tires. Oh, we’ll also go camping.


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