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Long-Term Updates - June 2012

Posted in How To on June 1, 2012
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Dual-Disc Clutch

Back in the beginning of 2009, we put a dual-disc South Bend clutch in front of the NV5600 manual transmission in our Dodge diesel truck with more than 800 lb-ft of torque. There has never been an ounce of slip felt, the transmission has not been touched since the install, and it’s now 40,000 miles older and still working perfectly. There have been plenty of first gear and second gear launches, heavy loads hauled, and lots and lots of driving in Southern California traffic. It’s an excellent clutch for a heavy-load hauler, and it doesn’t seem to wear out.

But a dual-disc clutch may not be the best application for an in-town daily driver: It’s a little heavy after hours of shifting in traffic, and some wives and girlfriends can barely engage this clutch at all. It also takes a little longer to shift than the stock clutch due to the added mass of the second disc.

EBC Brakes

Pads and rotors at more than twice the price that you would pay at a Napa or Pep Boys for replacements? Are they worth it? In a simple word, yes. Without going to a big brake kit that uses a different brake caliper (which would cost in excess of a thousand dollars), we really haven’t found any brake products as impressive as the EBC Yellow Stuff pads and performance rotors. The braking difference was noticed immediately after installation, and the EBC Yellow Stuff pads have survived 40,000 miles with more than half the pads left (with 37-inch tires on a 1-ton truck). They’re uglier than they were when this original installation picture was taken, but the performance has held up.

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