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G2's Differential Covers: Ultimate Gear Protection For The Ford 8.8

Posted in How To on July 1, 2012
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Photographers: Agustin Jimenez

Need better gear protection, better cooling, and longer life out of your rear end? Look no further than G2 Gear and Axle’s new 356-T6 aluminum differential covers. We got our hands on the newly-released Ford 8.8 application that is made right here, in the good old USA with a dipstick, a drain plug, and load bolts. For less than $200, we can’t imagine any better insurance to put on the back of our Ford 8.8 axle.

01. G2’s Ford 8.8 differential cover has load bolts that improve the bearing caps’ ability to inhibit any flex or movement of the differential when extreme force is applied. Though not necessary for proper operation of the differential, they are a great feature and ensure the unit stays strong under duress. The red anodized dipstick is used to check fluid levels periodically and ensure the differential has a proper amount of gear oil for lubrication and cooling.

02. South Bay Truck in Hawthorne, California, started by popping off the original stamped differential cover and cleaning off the Ford 8.8 housing for a smooth surface to seal the differential against. The G2 cover includes a differential gasket, but South Bay Truck still used silicone on the housing to secure the gasket in place while installing the aluminum cover.

03. After installing and tightening all 10 cover bolts, the load bolts should be tightened until they touch the bearing caps. The load bolts should be snug against the cap, but not so much that it could put unneeded pressure on the cap and subsequently the bearing. To keep the load bolt in place, a nut is used to tighten against the cover.

04. Since rear-differential fluid doesn’t get changed too often unless you’re the kind of guy who blows through ring-and-pinion sets, we prefer to add nice synthetic gear oil like Royal Purple’s Max-Gear.

05. The magnetic dipstick is anodized red for quick spotting under your truck, even in dark conditions. It attracts any metal splinters or shavings that might be suspended in the gear oil. The red anodized plug on the bottom of the cover is the drain plug, and the brass allen screw is used for perfecting the level of fluid in the axle.

The raised lettering below the “G2” label speaks for itself. We’re always excited to see a “Made in USA” label on anything.


Royal Purple
Porter, TX 77365
G2 Axle & Gear
Compton, CA 90220
South Bay Truck and 4x4

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