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Building A Custom Winch Bumper

Warn Winch
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted August 1, 2012

Empowerment Part III: A Progress Report

"Empowerment" means different things to different people. In this case, empowerment means giving ourselves the ability to self-extract if we get stuck while on a solo trail adventure.

It also means giving ourselves the ability to help others in need of a friendly tug. Empowering your rig with a winch is a smart move, even if you don’t have to winch very often.

Naturally, an empowering winch needs a sturdy home. We're in the middle of a custom winch bumper build with a side of chassis reinforcement. Here's how it’s going.


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To modify the bracket, it was cut in half and then the two halves were overlapped. The overlapped section was welded along the outside edges. Rattle-can paint gives a finished look.


Warn Industries
Clackamas, OR 97015