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Product Overview: Bushwacker XJ Flat-Style Flares

Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted August 1, 2012
Photographers: Brian Blumer, Joel Blumer

Style, Clearance, And Coverage All In One

There's a lot to like in Bushwacker's Flat-Style fender flares for the Jeep XJ Cherokee. Made from rugged, pliable Dura-Flex TPO 2000 material in the USA, Flat-Style flares offer up to 4.5 inches of lateral tire coverage.

Installing Flat-Style flares also brings vertical tire clearance, opening up the fender wells to make room for larger tires and additional suspension travel at a lower lift height.

The Flat-Style fender flares bear strong resemblance to tubular steel fender flares, but the Dura-Flex material is very appropriate for the uni-body construction of the XJ. There's nothing stronger than a tubular steel fender flare, but hard hits to a steel flare will transfer the energy into the sheet metal. This equals dents. Dura-Flex, on the other hand, will flex (hence the name) when hit.

Flat-Style flares are molded in black, but you can paint them as desired. To successfully paint over Dura-Flex, you'll need to have a plastic adhesion promoter for TPO plastic added into your paint mixture.

Bushwacker Flat-Style fender flares fit both two- and four-door XJ Cherokees of all years from 1984 to 2001. Installation is a lengthy, yet straightforward process. We don't have the proper photography to document it here, but Bushwacker's website offers an excellent instruction sheet complete with detailed photos.

Adding Flat-Style flares to your XJ requires a full commitment, as you'll need to trim your sheet metal to install them. There's no going back, but we can't figure out why you'd want to anyway. A basic angle grinder fitted with a cutoff wheel is sufficient for cutting duties. It's noteworthy that Flat-Style flares cannot be installed on XJ's previously equipped with Bushwacker's Cut-Out flares.

If you'd like to add style, tire clearance, and lateral tire coverage to your XJ in one fell swoop, look no further than Bushwacker's Flat-Style fender flares.


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