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Aggressive Contender: Fierce Attitude M/T

Posted in How To on September 1, 2012
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Walking through the SEMA show last year, we passed by a tire we’d never seen, nor heard of, before. It was called the Fierce Attitude M/T. And it was cool looking!

The tread blocks looked tall, but were lined up well to help the carcass have a nice, flat profile to it. It looked as if there was enough tread depth and voids in between the tread blocks to really get a good bite.

How had we not heard of this tire before? A little research led us to the parent company, Goodyear! After contacting a couple representatives in Goodyear and its sister company, Dunlop, we got the information we were looking for. Fierce is a tire brand started in 2006 for niche performance markets. It currently has only three tires in its model catalog, the last added (and only off-road offering) being the Fierce Attitude M/T, released in 2009.

We’ve had these tires on an old truck for a few weeks now, and we like the given impressions so far. Of course, a couple trips and few hundred miles on a set of tires is nothing, so we’ll be giving you long-term updates a few months from now when rain starts to fall again on the West coast.

As we test more and more tires, we’d like to think we’re getting a little better every time we do this. We’re now compiling a database using a temperature gun and a tire durometer to check the rubber hardness and the temperature of the tread block when the rubber hardness is checked on tires.

This Fierce Attitude read in at 59 (out of 100) at a temperature of 86.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Road manners are surprising. While it’s no bias-ply swamp tire, there is definitely some decent gap in between the tread blocks and you would guess that the tire makes more noise than you’d be happy with. But on the contrary, we’ve heard all-terrains hum more than these Fierce tires did on pavement.

When mounting the tires on the 16x8 Classic Lock Black wheels, we had three tires that took 1.75 ounces to balance, and one tire that took 3.0 ounces. That’s not bad at all. You’ll notice that the Classic Lock Black wheels have faux bead rings that protect the wheels from damage (and are easily replaced). The Classic Locks also give the advantage of having different looks, depending if you’re in the mood to go with a bead ring or without.

Not only did we get a lesson in why not to let our Editor-in-Chief drive your truck, but we also managed to find some pretty good traction in dry, hard-pack conditions. The Fierce Attitude M/T tread blocks are a bit on the softer side but don’t seem to scar overly easy in rough stuff. The tire doesn’t seem to be too specific to any one terrain, as we found it excelling at everything during our short time of testing.

Unfortunately, with the onset of summer, we didn’t find much mud to test them in. The one small pit we got to had a depth of about three feet, and the Fierce Attitudes luckily found traction at the bottom of the sticky, muddy, clay loam—enough to pull it through the pit, both backwards and forwards. They did not clean out as well as we’d like, but that’s a tradeoff for a tire that drives better on the highway. The 315/75R16 Attitude M/Ts we tested had a 3,860-pound Load E range. The number is rather impressive for an aftermarket mud-terrain tire, and makes Fierce Attitude a good contender for HD work trucks or ranch trucks that need to haul stuff but also hit a lot of muddy roads.

The Fierce Attitude has a 10.4-inch-wide tread face, with staggered shoulder blocks for enhanced grip off-road. It’s got an aggressive mud-terrain tread somewhat reminiscent of an old off-road race tire that a lot of guys used to love. The sidewall is said to have a “contemporary” design, according to the website. That’s another way of saying there is barbed wire on the sidewall. Nevertheless, the rest of the sidewall tread proves to be excellent protection and not too obnoxious.

You cannot see it so well here, but in the lead image you can appreciate how much rubber Fierce uses for its rim protector feature to save wheels from getting scarred up.

So far, we’re extremely happy with the first-try at an off-road tire from Fierce. But then again, they do have the years of experience and technology of Dunlop and Goodyear backing them, so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Specs as Tested

Make/Model: Fierce Attitude M/T
Mounted On: 16x8 Mickey Thompson Classic Lock Black
Size on Sidewall: LT315/75R16
Load Range: E
Max Load (tire): 3,860 pounds
Max Load (wheel): 3,100 pounds
Tire Hardness: 59 on tire durometer at 86.3 degrees F
# Plies in Tread: 3-ply polyester + 2-ply steel + 2-ply nylon
# Plies in Sidewall: 3-ply polyester
Weight of Tire Package: 88.5 pounds (64-pound tire mounted on a 24-pound wheel)
Measured Diameter Unloaded: 34.50 inches on 16x8 wheel
Measured Width Unloaded: 12.30 inches on 16x8 wheel
Measured Tread Width: 10.4 inches
Available Sizes: 29 to 35 inches tall
Available For: 16-, 17-, and 18-inch wheels
What We’d Install This Tire On: We’d put this on a weekend wheeler or even a daily driver if it stays as quiet as it has for the first 1,000 miles.


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