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Long-Term Updates - September 2012

Dynomax Exhaust Bullets
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted September 1, 2012

Sure, it works great for the first week, but what about after?

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Dynomax Exhaust Bullets

After linking the rear of our XJ Cherokee, we realized a big exhaust problem on the smallest vehicle in our project stables: We had no room for the muffler! The catalytic converter barely fit by itself, so how were we supposed to fit some chambered muffler with a moving four-link in the back? We drove around for an annoying six months being stubborn with only a catalytic converter muffling our Jeep’s engine before we had a buddy recommend the compact Dynomax Race Bullet.

While the Race Bullet isn’t going to be the quietest thing we could weld on, it is definitely better than no muffler at all and is just about the only type of muffler that will fit in between moving four-links in short-wheelbase vehicles. The difference in exhaust resonation on the freeway was huge, and it actually made driving our Jeep pleasant again. Race Bullets are offered in 9 to 23 inches of overall length and are made for exhaust tubing from 2 to 5 inches in diameter.

Nitrogen-Charged Polyfoam Bumpstops

In short, they didn’t work out. We destroyed three of the polyfoam nitrogen-charged bumpstops after two good outings in our project Blazer. One shaft froze inside the body, and two had each lost the shaft tips and one of the two urethane pucks. Pure Performance tells us they never actually released these to the public after they saw what happened. The company is currently testing air-over-hydraulic bumpstops (which is typically the conventional type of race bumpstop) and we’ve been told it won’t release them until any version of the bumpstop has successfully gone through the same testing that proved deadly for the first generation.