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Keep On Rockin’: Super Swamper IROK ND Radial

Posted in How To on September 1, 2012
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We recently got our hands on a set of Super Swamper IROK NDs to run through the gauntlet in the dirt. We’ll let you know right now that we’ve only just gotten these tires onto a truck, and just as summer started. We’ll have some long-term updates for you after we get a few thousand miles on the tires and some rain falls to give us mud.

The first thing everyone notices about these tires are the fact that they feature a non-directional tread which means if you lose forward momentum in a thick mud bog, you can still drive out of it in reverse since the tread works the same in both directions. Since the directional IROK has built a great reputation as one of the best hardcore off-road tires available, we couldn’t wait to see how the IROK NDs would stack up. As soon as we mounted the Super Swamper IROK NDs, we headed for the mountains to do some field testing.

The first thing we noticed after our first pass through the mud was that the IROK NDs can sling through sticky sludge without the tires caking up even when almost completely submerged in the thick goo. The three-stage lug pattern and large voids between the tread blocks are designed to be self cleaning to prevent the caking up of mud to keep the tires biting for traction at all times. With still under a thousand miles on the tires, we’ve been really satisfied with the IROK NDs and we’re definitely going to put them through their paces in the next number of months to see how they hold up, so stay tuned for a long-term update in the upcoming issues.

We needed some 16-inch wheels for to mount our new IROK NDs so we decided to go with a set of 16x8 Standard matte black Method Race Wheels. It’s hard to beat the mean look of the Super Swamper IROK NDs mounted on the Method Standard wheels. The Super Swamper IROK NDs were not very difficult to balance compared to other aggressive tires we’ve driven on. Two of the tires required only 2.75 ounces to balance while the other two required 8 ounces to balance.

We aired up the IROK NDs to 40 psi and hit the road to determine their road manners around town as well as on the highway at higher speeds. There’s no denying the IROK NDs have a pretty aggressive tread design yet they seemed to roll very smooth down the highway without any noticeable vibration or drone. There is less tire squirm than you would think with the widely-spaced tread lugs, as exhibited to us through some canyon curves. We were expecting the IROK NDs to howl down the road but it’s actually not too bad. They do get a bit louder as you hit 70 mph but that’s to be expected with any off-road-purposed tire worth its salt.

We were a little worried about venturing into a seemingly easy mud pit since we’ve seen it swallow up many trucks before. But after airing down to only 24 pounds, we slowly drove through the mud pit until our doors were sloshing through the bog. We easily kept moving forward the whole time and despite being submerged up to the frame, the IROK NDs clawed their way out with very little effort. After a few runs through the sticky bog we decided to try it backwards and wouldn’t you know it, the non-directional tread kept us moving the whole time without fear of getting stuck.

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Specs as Tested

Make/Model: Super Swamper IROK ND radial
Mounted On: 16x8 Method Standard Matte Black 301 wheels
Size On Sidewall: LT315/75R16
Load Range: E
Max Load (Tire): 4,100 pounds
Max Load (Wheel): 2,500 pounds
Tire Hardness: 58 at 82.0 degrees F
Tread Depth: 19/32
# Plies in Tread: 10
Weight of Tire: 93.5-pound package (mounted on a 26.5-pound wheel)
Measured Diameter Unloaded: 34.70 inches
Measured Width Unloaded: 12.5 inches
Measured Tread Width: 12.5 inches
Available Sizes: 33-x12.50R15, LT31575R16, 37x12.50R16LT, and LT315/75R17
Available For: 15-, 16-, and 17-inch wheels
What We’d Install This Tire On: Any 4x4 that sees a fair amount of highway miles but needs a tire that is more aggressive than an all-terrain for the occasional off-road trips and backcountry exploring


Interco Tire
Rayne, LA 70578
Method Race Wheels
Temecula, CA 92590

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