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Jeep Spring And Shackle Brackets

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The YJ Full-Width Axle Kit lets you swap a full-width pickup axle under the front of your YJ. As you know, CJ and YJ frames aren’t the same width, so Dave’s YJ kit is completely different from the CJ kit. The spring and shackle hangers for the YJ kit place the springs at the correct width to match the spring perches on the pickup axle. This is important, since the spring perch is cast into the differential housing and can’t be moved. Like the CJ Full-Width Kit, the YJ kit keeps the shackles up front, making life easier for your front driveshaft and the rear of your fenderwells. Front-mounted shackles can aid with climbing obstacles, too, since the axle moves forward as the suspension compresses. Dave’s brackets are laser-cut and bent using a CNC press brake: precise and consistent.