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Jeep Shackle Kit

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Welding is required to install a Full-Width Axle Kit. The CJ Full-Width Axle Kit gives you the foundation to swap a full-width front axle into your CJ. Dave feels that there are more advantages than disadvantages to running the shackles in the traditional location, so this is a non-shackle reversal configuration. With the shackles up front, you won’t need a special driveshaft, and you won’t be stuffing your tires into the rear of your fenderwells. There are so many leaf spring, shackle, brake line, shock mount, and U-bolt variations that it didn’t make sense to include them in the kit under one part number. Dave’s Customs Unlimited offers almost all of these additional items. The Full-Width Axle Kit is designed for commonly available 2-1/2-inch-wide front springs.