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Armed & Steered: ReadyLift Suspension and Steering Upgrades

Posted in How To on October 1, 2012
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We had recently upgraded the front suspension on our F-150 2WD project truck with the installation of a set of Fox Performance Series shocks. The slight increase in coil-spring rate and the improved damping action was a significant improvement when controlling our 33-inch Interco Vortrac all-terrains. But we were looking to improve the front end further.

ReadyLift now offers their Series 1 Upper Control Arm (UCA) Kit for 2004-and-newer Ford F-150 2WD and 4WD trucks. The upgrade is a bolt-on affair and offers an improvement in the upper arm strength for use with stock trucks, or those that have been leveled or lifted. The arms pivot in the factory frame mounts on polyurethane bushings and Teflon-lined uniballs are used in the outer pivot points to provide smooth, quiet operation.

Along with installing the UCA kit, we added a ReadyLift Heavy Duty Steering Kit. It provides replacement steering tie rods to address the relatively weak steering rods that come stock on F-150s. If you run large, heavy tires and/or use your truck off-road you can over-tax the stock pieces. The ReadyLift steering kit uses quality Teflon-lined rod ends and stronger hardware to fortify the steering system.

We easily swapped on these parts in several hours. We were impressed that ReadyLift provided quality instructions with helpful color photos to make the job straight-forward. The result was more precise front end tracking due to the firmer bushings and stronger control arms. The new control arms are designed to work well with the new Fox Performance Series shocks valved specifically for the F-150 models. The new steering components went in easily and we’re confident in their ability to reduce flex and minimize the likelihood of bending a tie rod with heavier tires.

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