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2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - Econo Lift

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Jim Brightly | Writer
Posted December 1, 2012

Installing Daystar’s 3-Inch JK Lift

In my opinion, Jeep should include a 3-inch lift and 33-inch tires in the Rubicon option package. After all, the package already includes a heavier-duty transfer case with a 4:1 low range, heavier-duty Dana 44 differentials with 4.11:1 gears, selectable lockers, and a front sway bar that can be disconnected on the fly from the driver's seat. So why not include even larger tires and a lift, as well? (Actually, now that I think about it, the Mopar Jeep option package includes a dealer-installed lift and taller tires, so it's a good start for Jeep.)

People who are buying Jeeps for the occasional ski trip, a backcountry picnic or having "the Jeep look" can be satisfied with a Sport or an X model, but those of us who enjoy Jeeping the way it's meant to be enjoyed, want a Rubicon. And most of us will raise and re-tire our Rubicons sooner or later.

This was Robert Foster's thinking when he decided to reward himself with a 2008 Rubicon Unlimited. Having served three tours in Iraq as a U.S. Naval chief medical corpsman in combat with the Marines, Robert wanted to explore and camp in the backcountry without anyone shooting at him for a change. The maroon four-door JK in these photos was just the thing to allow that—except for the scraping, screeching, and sliding over the Arizona rocks that he experienced on any trail rated higher than a 3 on a scale of 5.

Frustrated at not being able to take the trails he really wanted to see — and having a rather restricted budget — forced Robert to explore the Internet instead of the more technical trails. With criteria that included price, quality, warranty, and ease of installation, Robert eventually discovered Daystar (also located in Arizona, which saved on the shipping charges, too) at

For a bit of background here, Daystar's lift kits combine the same technology found in the company's leveling kits but with the addition of a rear lift and four Scorpion shock absorbers. According to factory literature, Daystar was the first to enter the leveling kit market in 1995. Although many companies have entered the market since, Daystar's lift and leveling kits offer many advantages that the others cannot.

For one, there's no metal-on-metal contact — Daystar uses polyurethane material in its kits to act as an insulator. It absorbs the noise, vibration, and harmonics that come from the suspension and avoids transmitting them to the passenger compartment (if you take apart any factory suspension, you'll find rubber, polyurethane, and often both). Daystar also offers a lifetime warranty with its kits. In the unlikely event you experience a problem with a Daystar kit; they'll take care of it.


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