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Used Parts: Making the Right Choices

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Trenton McGee | Writer
Posted August 6, 2003

How To Tell the Difference

For some people, buying used parts is the only affordable way to keep their trucks on the road. For others, used components are a great source for performing low-buck upgrades and swaps. And then there are the guys that just can't resist a deal, scouring the ads and salvage yards on a regular basis figuring they'll someday use whatever gem they find. Whatever the reasons, buying used parts is big business. But it's also a tricky business, and it's easy for one person to pay good money for another person's junk.

So how does a novice bargain hound avoid getting stung? Of course, there are a lot of reputable people and salvage yards willing to stand behind what they sell, but as usual a few bad apples spoil it for everyone. The key is being able to tell good parts from scrap. With help from the owners at four wrecking yards: Arrow Truck Salvage, Pacific Truck Salvage, Pick Your Part, and Truck Parts, we'll tell you what to look for, what to check, where to get it, and the right questions to ask.

First, study the check list we've put together for this article and memorize it. Second, check out the captions for tips and tricks on seeing the difference between quality used stuff and junk. Do the research and find out what will work on your application and what won't. The grizzly old guy in the back of your favorite wrecking yard may be a valuable resource, so listen to him. Keep your eyes open for deals, but also for warning signals. Don't forget to inspect, check, and double-check a part before laying down cash. If you follow the tips we show you here, you'll be ready to dig through the wrecks and hulks searching for prized treasure at a bargain price.


Arrow Truck Salvage
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Pick Your Part Auto Recyclers
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Truck Parts Co.
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
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