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129 0305 Axle 10 Z

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Push the eyelet on the long end of the track bar into the lower track-bar bracket and insert a 3/4x4.5-inch bolt. Use flat washers and start the locknut provided, but do not tighten. With the normal weight of the truck on the front axle, you can now tighten the righthand U-bolts. Adjust the length of the track bar to allow the other 3/4x41/2-inch bolt to be inserted through the eyelet at the upper end bracket and then tighten both 3/4-inch bolts. Raise the vehicle and install the loose ends of both turnbuckles with mis-alignment bushings to the exposed ears on the upper track-bar bracket. Fully tighten the 1/2-inch bolts that anchor the spherical rod ends. Preload the spherical bearings per the instructions, and then tighten the jam nuts. Reinstall the front shock absorbers.