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March 2005 Cheap 4x4 Tricks

Posted in How To on March 1, 2005
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George Andrews of Avondale, Arizona, found a cool resto-wheeler project to resurrect. How about a '53 Willys pickup that someone dropped a '60s vintage Buick 225 V-6 into years ago? The old Buick hadn't run in over six years and George was concerned that, since oil hadn't run through its veins in so long, it might get damaged when he first cranked it over. Although he was aware of the tools available to pre-oil Chevys and Fords through their distributor holes, he couldn't find one for the Buick, and he really didn't want to pull the distributor anyway. Instead he purchased a manually pressurized garden sprayer for $8.99, along with a 1/4-inch barbed nipple, and some clear plastic tubing for a couple of bucks. He attached the sprayer via the tubing and nipple into the V-6's oil pressure sensor port and filled the sprayer bottle with oil. He then pulled the valve covers for inspection, gave the sprayer a few pumps and immediately had oil at the top end of the engine. Thanks for putting the old girl back on the road, George.

Been concerned with the soaring cost of steel these days? John Moore of South Ogden, Utah, has. John has found a cheap source for metal for his various welding projects. How cheap? How about 20 feet of 1x1x1/8-inch angle iron for a buck? All he had to do was cut up the old bed frame he bought at the local thrift store. He has also found good steel at garage sales in the form of old exercise equipment and various pieces of household furniture. John says he is looking forward to the 35 bucks he'll receive for this Cheap Trick so he can do more yard sale-ing. Happy hunting, John.

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