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Ford F150 Parts & Accessories Guide

Posted in How To on December 1, 2009
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Ford had barely lost the pregnancy weight from birthing the redesigned F-150 last year before the aftermarket was stocking the shelves with components to retool its performance, get it off-road-ready, strengthen its towing and ride quality, and give its looks more brawn. This month we're filling these pages with a peek at some of what's already available for the new pickup.


What: 5100 and 4600 Series and 5100/5150 ride-height-adjustable shocks.
Where: 800/537-1085,
Wares: Zinc-plated shocks with a monotube high-gas-pressure design, using the stock mounting configuration. The 5150 shocks have a snap-ring design for changing front ride height by 2.75 inches.
Words: "The massive self-adjusting high-flow piston coupled with the patented digressive valving instantly reacts and adjusts."
Wallet: 5100 Series rear shocks start at $89.

BDS Suspension
What: 6-inch 4WD IFS kit.
Where: 517/279-2135,
Wares: CNC-machined steering knuckles, one-piece front and rear high-clearance crossmembers, custom-valved off-road struts, and a 1/4-inch-thick steel differential skidplate.
Words: "The rear includes a new offset spring plate to center the rear axle and give your 37s plenty of room."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,948.

Daystar Products
What: 2-inch leveling kit.
Where: 800/595-7659,
Wares: Polyurethane spacers for atop the factory strut assemblies; this won't preload the front coils, and avoids metal-on-metal contact. The kit allows for 33-inch-tall tires on factory wheels.
Words: "Retains factory ride quality and load-carrying capacity while providing room for a larger tire-and-wheel package."
Wallet: $129.95.

What: 6-inch 4WD IFS system.
Where: 877/432-2832,
Wares: Constructed from 1/4-inch-thick steel; includes arched lower control arm crossmembers (with eccentric cams for proper alignment) and integrated differential skidplate.
Words: "A Basic system that utilizes a spacer with the factory coilover shock, or the Performance system that features the Dirt Logic 2.50 coilover shocks."
Wallet: Starts at $1,818.

Pro Comp Suspension
What: 6-inch 2WD/4WD Stage I and II suspension kits.
Where: 800/776-0767,
Wares: The Stage I features front strut spacers with rear gas-charged shocks; Stage II has high-performance front coilovers and six-position adjustable shocks.
Words: "Allows use of up to 37x12.50 tires on 18-inch or larger-diameter wheels. Wheels can be up to 91/2 inches wide, with a max of five inches of backspacing."
Wallet: The 4WD kit starts at about $1,730.

Rough Country
What: 2-inch leveling kit.
Where: 800/222-7023,
Wares: Upper and lower strut spacers and new hardware to clear 33-inch tires.
Words: "Bolting on in a mere two to three hours with minor trimming, allowing room for 35s."
Wallet: MSRP is $99.95.

Performance Accessories
What: 5-inch 4WD Premium Lift System (PLS kit).
Where: 928/636-7080,
Wares: Nylon-reinforced body blocks, aluminum upper coil-spring spacers, polyurethane intermediate spring spacers, a CNC-machined steering extension, urethane Gap Guards, and more.
Words: "Will allow '09 F-150s to run up to 35-inch tall tires without changing the factory suspension or ride."
Wallet: About $799.

Pro Ryde
What: Lift Machine 2WD/4WD adjustable front lift/leveling kit.
Where: 888/813-7933,
Wares: Forged and machined components, black e-coated for a durable, lasting finish; installs on top of the strut assembly.
Words: "You choose the perfect front ride height, from 11/2 to 21/4 inches" for up to 33-inch tire/wheel combos.
Wallet: MSRP is $299.

Rancho Suspension
What: 4-inch suspension kit.
Where: 734/384-7804,
Wares: Includes one-piece subframe, CNC-machined extended steering knuckles, rear leaf-spring blocks, and all hardware.
Words: "Allows for the use of larger wheel-and-tire package [up to 35-inch tires and 18- and 20-inch wheels]. Stock wheels can be reused."
Wallet: Starts at around $1,700.

Radflo Suspension Technology
What: 21/2-inch front coilover OE replacement shock.
Where: 714/965-7828,
Wares: SSID-alloy steel tube, a rod guide that's CNC-machined bronze with Teflon coating, aluminum Freeflo racing piston, Eibach coil springs, and mounting (in OE location) hardware.
Words: "The coilover dampers are handbuilt, with compression and rebound valving specifically customized to the vehicle and driver."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,085 per pair.

ReadyLift Suspension
What: 2-inch 2WD/4WD leveling kit.
Where: 877/759-9991,
Wares: Includes a pair of steel strut extensions.
Words: "Allows up to 33-inch-tall tires with no modifications required, while retaining the great stock ride and handling characteristics."
Wallet: MSRP is $229.

Skyjacker Suspensions
What: 6-inch lift package.
Where: 318/388-0816,
Wares: CNC-machined steering knuckles, front and rear crossmembers, adjustable front struts, and Grade-8 hardware.
Words: "Complete, easy-to-install kit."
Wallet: Starts at $1,499.

Zone Offroad Products
What: 2WD/4WD 2-inch leveling kit.
Where: 888/998-9663,
Wares: It's a strut spacer system; reinforced steel spacers install atop the factory struts. The spacers are black powdercoated.
Words: "In two hours or less, you can complete the lift install and be able to clear 33-inch tires while maintaining the factory ride quality."
Wallet: $99.95.


Auburn Gear
What: Pro Series and High Performance Series limited-slip differential.
Where: 260/925-3200,
Wares: A unique cone-clutch design to transfer more power to the high-traction wheel for quick acceleration and tight cornering.
Words: "Torque transfer of Auburn Gear limited-slip differentials is achieved through the use of cone clutches coupled to beveled side gears."
Wallet: Around $400.

Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe)
What: Stage 2 cold-air intake for the 5.4L V-8.
Where: 951/493-7100,
Wares: Has 31/2-inch 409 stainless steel, powdercoated intake tubes, and an 18-gauge powdercoated heatshield, plus an advanced filter with special media.
Words: "Designed to maximize air velocity and improve horsepower, torque, throttle response, and mpg."
Wallet: Starts at about $362.

AIRAID Filter Co.
What: 4.6L and 5.4L QuickFit cold-air intake.
Where: 800/498-6951,
Wares: Includes premium filtration technology and all hardware to mount directly to the stock lower airbox with the OE mounting clips.
Words: "Adds significant increases in torque, horsepower, and overall performance."
Wallet: MSRP is about $407.

Banks/Gale Banks Engineering
What: Monster exhaust.
Where: 800/438-7693,
Wares: Lightweight, direct-fit polished-stainless, straight-through muffler, with 6x5-inch weld-on, ob-round, polished-stainless. angle-cut, rolled-edge tip.
Words: "This lightweight, direct-fit-system [cuts] backpressure up to 79 percent and [increases] flow up to 138 percent."
Wallet: Less than $600.

EBC Brakes
What: Brake upgrade.
Where: Pep Boys,
Wares: Yellowstuff-grade high-friction pads for front and rear.
Words: "Pads all arrive with shims, slots, and chamfers, and the unique EBC Brake-In coating for fast seating of pads after install."
Wallet: Yellowstuff starts at $119.

Gibson Performance Exhaust
What: After-cat systems for the 4.6L and 5.4L V-8s.
Where: 866/533-2815,
Wares: Mandrel-bent tubing, a Superflow performance muffler with SFT technology, a chambered and louvered design, and 3 1/2-inch polished stainless steel tip(s).
Words: "Offers up to four exhaust exits, and each will add up to 17 hp and some serious torque for hauling and towing, with a two percent increase in fuel economy."
Wallet: Starts at about $361 for single exhaust.

Diesel Performance Parts (DPPI)
What: MBRP single side exhaust.
Where: 866/455-7788,
Wares: Chambered muffler; mandrel-bent tubing and mirror-polished T304 stainless steel tip.
Words: "Available in three material grades: Pro T304, XP T409, and Installer Series aluminized."
Wallet: Starts at about $410.

Heartthrob Exhaust
What: Performance exhaust.
Where: 320/693-0222,
Wares: Uses 16-gauge aluminized steel, and starts at the flange after the converters and becomes a 3-inch single, with fully welded Velocity Series performance muffler and split rear dual 21/2-inch tailpipes.
Words: "This kit fits all wheelbase models, two- and four-wheel drive, 4.6L and 5.4L."
Wallet: MSRP is $303.

K&N Engineering
What: High-flow intake system for the 5.4L V-8.
Where: 800/858-3333,
Wares: The original intake assembly is replaced with an all-new intake design, which draws air through a high-flow air filter. A powdercoated heatshield replaces the stock airbox. Air travels through a large-diameter roto-molded polyethylene tube.
Words: "Increases horsepower by 11.21 at 4,600 rpm over the F-150's stock configuration."
Wallet: MSRP is $449.

What: Ford Gas Flashpaq for tuning.
Where: 407/585-7000,
Wares: Includes diagnostic scan tool, real-time in-cabin vehicle sensor display, data logger for 0-60mph and quarter-mile times, and the ability to recalibrate the speedo for tire and gear changes.
Words: "Includes multiple performance and towing tunes while working out of the box with many aftermarket hard parts."
Wallet: Less than $400.


American Trucks
What: Raptor stainless steel 3-inch side step bars.
Where: 888/402-2767,
Wares: Marine-grade 304 stainless, 3-inch round-tube construction, and a saddle-style rubber nonslip pad are among the features.
Words: "They give you the leg up you want, and they do it without breaking your bank account, either."
Wallet: $239.99.

What: TL Series bedcover.
Where: 562/529-7543,
Wares: E-Z Grip clamp-on mount for installation without drilling into the truck. The cover is made from fiberglass, and has a nylon pull strap, weather seals, automotive rotary latch with dust cover, and carpeted headliner.
Words: "The cover also opens automatically with the use of the E-Z Auto Open Arm and a key or optional keyless remote."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,149.

What: Heavy-duty cover.
Where: 818/786-8325,
Wares: Magnetic dipstick and drain plugs and made from cast-aluminum A356-T6, with a 25- to 50-degree heat reduction.
Words: "Adds strength and rigidity up to 90 percent, and longer service intervals."
Wallet: MSRP is $260.

Corbeau Seats
What: LG1 racing seat.
Where: 801/255-3737,
Wares: Available in cloth, with leatherette high-wear patches; microsuede, with leather high-wear patches; and 100 percent black leather.
Words: "The LG1 Wide will fit up to a 42-inch waist."
Wallet: Starts at $399 per seat.

Rampage Products
What: 5-inch Streamline Bar.
Where: 866/767-4123,
Wares: Custom-molded end caps that can be painted and that seal out moisture. Brackets mount to the factory hole, so no drilling.
Words: "The styling appeal of a side bar coupled with easy installation features and the strength of a running board."
Wallet: Starts at about $299.

What: Nerf steps.
Where: 866/806-6322,
Wares: All welded one-piece construction, with .084-wall corrosion-protected tubing, compression-bent for a 45-degree bend on the ends.
Words: "The main bar extends from wheelwell opening to wheelwell opening for a more finished and complete look."
Wallet: MSRP is $499 for the wheel-to-wheel step.

Fab Fours
What: F-150 Series winch bumper.
Where: 866/385-1905,
Wares: Can accommodate winches up to 12,000 pounds; 3/16-inch steel, 90mm Hella foglights, wiring harness, and 1-inch D-ring mounts. Options are base bumper, prerunner grille guard, or full grille guard.
Words: "This bumper is designed 'high and tight,' keeping close to the stock bumper envelope, yet providing far more tire clearance."
Wallet: MSRP starts at $2,130.

Buckstop Truckware
What: F-150 Bumper.
Where: 800/431-6978,
Wares: Features mounting for 6-inch round lights, a powdercoat finish, a trailer receiver, and winch capacity up to 16,500 pounds.
Words: It has a "cover door that opens up for huge 4x24-inch access to the winch controls and cables."
Wallet: Bumper with grille guard is $1,749.

Wilco Products/TireGate
What: Prerunner TireGate swing-away spare-tire carrier for the 2010 SVT Raptor.
Where: 877/945-2684,
Wares: Features include mandrel-bent, MIG-welded tubular construction, two latching pins, and quick-spin Y bar and urethane wheel cone mounting/dismounting.
Words: "Allows you to haul up to a 40-inch tire while maintaining your truck's ground clearance and bed space."
Wallet: MSRP is $995.

What: F-150 bumper.
Where: 888/910-2999,
Wares: Quad light ports for 4- and 6-inch lights, integral mount for winches up to 16,500 pounds, and D-ring shackle mounts.
Words: "The bumpers look great without grille guard-base model-or with prerunner guard or full guards [shown]."
Wallet: Base is $1,799.

Warn Industries
What: Gen II Trans4mer mounting system.
Where: 503/722-1200,
Wares: Base kit includes a winch tray and mounting brackets.
Words: "An innovative way to mount a Warn winch, lights, and other accessories."
Wallet: Mounting kit is $624.99.

What: SnugLid tonneau covers.
Where: 562/432-5454,
Wares: Includes 1-inch-thick honeycomb reinforced construction, SnugGrip no-holes mounting system, and two-point locking system. Standard on the SL model is a SnugRug headliner.
Words: "The SnugLid line of aerodynamic tonneau covers actually improves gas mileage."
Wallet: $1,200.

Tuffy Security Products
What: Full-Pull Load Deck.
Where: 800/348-8339,
Wares: Features include aluminum frame with tie-down strap holes and a slide lock system. It's available in 6- and 8-foot models.
Words: "It has multiple uses as a work bench and as a way of retrieving objects from the bed of your truck with minimal effort."
Wallet: Starts at $1,038.

Top Gun
What: BAJA bumper.
Where: 800/504-5684,
Wares: Built with 14-gauge steel tread plate and a 4-inch schedule-10 pipe. Available winch-ready (up to 16,000-pound winch) or not, and mounts directly to the frame.
Words: "Bold design as well as heavy-duty protection and functionality."
Wallet: Starts at $999.

Truck Covers USA
What: American Roll Cover.
Where: 858/622-9135,
Wares: Double-walled aluminum slat construction, textured powdercoating, and a flex-tube water drain system.
Words: "Cleverly designed to accommodate various cargo needs."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,695.

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