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Recovery Gear Buyer’s Guide

Rough Country Winch
Sean P. Holman | Writer
Posted July 1, 2011

When the going gets stopped, the recovery gear gets going

You know it when you feel it—that sinking feeling (figuratively and literally) that tells you your day on the trail just got interesting. Being stuck axles-deep in the muck can easily delay a trip, or worse. To avoid “or worse,” we recommend being prepared with the right equipment to get you out of any jam. Once you have determined that you have lost all forward, or backward momentum, and all four of your wheels are left helplessly spinning, it is time to grab the recovery box and pull out the tools that will grant you your freedom again. Don’t have a recovery box, or looking to upgrade your equipment? We have included some of the newest, coolest, and favorite recovery products in this buyer’s guide that will make you self-sufficient when it counts.

Unstick It
What: Rough Country Winches
About: You’ll never see a mud hole the same way again when you’ve got Rough Country Recovery Systems on your side. The new recovery solutions are durable, strong, and sure to come in handy when the situation gets a little murky. Each unit features series-wound motors, which are extremely efficient at higher speeds and less prone to overheating compared to permanent magnet motors. Power ranges from 5.5 horsepower on 9,500-pound capacity units to an impressive 6 horsepower on 12,000-pound units. Better still, Rough Country Recovery Systems utilize a three-stage planetary geartrain boasting a 265.0:1 gear ratio, allowing enormous torque in a compact housing. All winches include a free wireless remote for easy operation, and a replaceable clevis hook for convenience.
Price: From $300

Good Ol’ Rope
What: Bubba Rope
About: Bubba Rope was developed from military specs for safely pulling good ol’ boys’ (and gals’) off-road vehicles out of mud, sand, or snow. Made from double-braided nylon rope and coated with special polyurethane, it has the strength and durability beyond usual recovery ropes, straps, and chains. Bubba Rope is waterproof with an abrasive resistant compound added and has all the kinetic characteristics of a superior snatch rope. Bubba Rope’s 7/8-inch by 20- and 30-foot lengths have over 25,000 pounds of pulling strength.
Price: From $99

Safety Knife
What: Benchmade 915 Triage
About: The new U.S-made Benchmade 915 Triage is the perfect utility tool for any wheeler, featuring a folding knife, a safety hook, and a glass breaker for additional security. The modified sheepsfoot-style blade is a great cutting tool for numerous applications. Built with N680 highly corrosion- and water-resistant steel and ambidextrous thumb-stud openers, the 915 Triage is an easy-to-use tool. The textured G10 handle is available in orange or black and provides excellent grip and feel. Whether you’re using this knife in the outdoors or in an emergency situation, the 915 Triage is the tool to rely on.
Price: From $165

Rope and Thimble
What: Master-Pull Superline and Winch Stop Thimble
About: Master-Pull Superline is a rope like none other. By taking a larger-diameter rope that is pre-heated and stretched to its maximum strength, the result is a smaller-diameter line that is stronger, more durable and has a longer lifespan than the average winch rope. The Winch Stop thimble is created from high-strength aluminum and is designed to prevent fingers from being sucked into the fairlead while winching. Deep channels on the Master-Pull Winch Stop protect the rope better than any other product on the market. To keep the line from being damaged by excess winch heat, Master-Pull has created the first heat protector designed to withstand up to 900 degrees F. Safety Orange in color, the heat protector is designed to alert you when to stop spooling out.
Price: $417

Rope Saver
What: Viking Offroad Removable Rock Guard
About: Viking Offroad offers heavy-duty cushioned and removable Rock Guards to protect synthetic winch lines. These Rock Guard sleeves are designed to be easily installed on synthetic rope when they are in danger of being cut by sharp rocks or other hazardous obstacles. A felt cushion provides crucial padding against damage of the rope and 3M Ultra High Reflective Safety Tape adds visibility, day or night. Viking rock Guards are only used when needed and are a must for rockcrawlers and wheelers who may encounter severe terrain.
Price: $22

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