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Hardcore Fullsize Parts Buyer’s Guide

Lifted Ford Van
Sean P. Holman | Writer
Posted September 1, 2012

When Size Matters on The Trail

While it is true that the staff at Four Wheeler enjoys wheeling our Jeeps, we are also huge fans of fullsize trucks. Fullsize trucks offer bigger size, increased power, and heavier-duty components that smaller 4x4s just can’t match. Fullsize trucks also provide a more challenging experience that can transform a common Jeep trail into a day of excitement. For those of you that love fullsize wheeling as much as we do here is a collection of fullsize-specific gear ranging from kits to builder parts, to help increase your fullsize trail rig’s capability.

What: Ujoint Offroad Do-It-Yourself Solid Axle Conversion For Ford Vans
About: Ujoint Offroad manufactures the industry’s only DIY 4x4 Conversion kit for the ’92 to current Ford E-Series vans. From a stock E-150 work van to a fully loaded E-450 Class C motorhome, Ujoint has the kit you need. What started as a small production run in 2007 has grown into a full product line with over 150 kits sold across the US and Canada. The UJOR conversion kit adapts the ’99-’04 F-Series solid front axle to the van chassis with custom leaf springs, ensuring a good ride while maintaining load capacity. UJOR also offers complete axle builds, so you can buy as little or as much as you need to complete the swap. Lift kits start at four inches for 33-inch tires, and go up from there in 2-inch increments.
Info: Ujoint Offroad, 828/490-1562,

Traction Adder
What: Eaton 14-Bolt Truetrac
About: Work trucks, farm trucks, tow vehicles and even drag trucks can finally get their power to the ground with the popular Eaton Detroit Truetrac performance differential. This new 30-spline Detroit Truetrac will fit 10.5-inch GM 14-bolt axles. Sporting a steel case and a design that has been proven in racecars, medium-duty trucks and even military vehicles, the Truetrac is the perfect traction solution for trucks that spend time on street and the trail. The helical-gear design provides quiet and smooth operation while automatically transferring torque to the wheel with the most traction. Eaton’s Detroit Truetrac has no clutches or cones to wear out and never needs maintenance.
Info: Eaton, 800/328-3850,

Bumper Beef
What: Warn Heavy Duty Bumpers
About: Warn Heavy Duty Bumpers aren’t only tough, but they are contoured to the shape of a vehicle’s grille and body for that integrated look. They feature a one-piece welded design and are made from heavy ¼- and 3⁄16-inch-thick steel with a mounting plate for Warn Heavyweight Series winches, including the massive 16.5ti. These bumpers are available with or without brushguard tubes and additionally feature welded eyelets for D-shackles, clearance for oversized tires, and integrated light ports with a set of included Warn W350F Fog Lights. Extra light mounts are located on the bumper’s top surface. These bumpers wear a black powdercoated finish with a durable undercoat for corrosion resistance. Applications include Chevrolet, Ford, and Ram fullsize trucks.
Info: Warn Industries, 800/543-9276,

Hub Logic
What: SpynTec Hub Conversion Kit
About: Continuing with its heavy-duty lineup of hub conversion kits, SpynTec Industries is releasing a short version for the ’00-’09 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups as well as releasing both single-rear-wheel and dual-rear-wheel kits for the ’10 and ’11 models. These new kits feature the same all-steel, one-piece hub construction and use an ABS tone ring that is integral with the hub. Kits are shipped complete with the races, needle bearings, and studs pressed in to facilitate easy installation.
Info: SpynTec Industries, LLC, 888/290-2953,

Hi-Po Axle
What: Dynatrac ProROCK80
About: Dynatrac’s ProROCK80 axle delivers unmatched strength, increased ground clearance, and unequaled component quality for ultra high-performance 4x4 vehicles. Made in the USA to the same exacting standards as every Dynatrac product, the new Dynatrac ProROCK80 includes the patented and Dynatrac-exclusive high-ground-clearance design. It is constructed with huge 4-inch-diameter, lightweight axle tubing and utilizes standard Dana 80 11.25-inch ring and pinion gears, 40-spline full-floating axle shafts, and a 37-spline pinion shaft. This axlehousing is ideal for running 40-inch and larger tires on fullsize rigs, eliminating common housing and gear-life problems under severe use. The ProROCK80 axle also supports industry-leading 40-spline differentials including the ARB Air Locker and Eaton’s Detroit Locker and E-Locker.
Info: Dynatrac, 714/596-4461,

Rusty Pieces
What: Rusty’s Off-Road Builder Parts
About: Hardcore truck enthusiasts know that real trucks are built, not bought, and many shy away from using off-the-shelf components in favor of custom fabrication. Rusty’s Off-Road offers an enormous selection of custom tabs, brackets, gussets, control arms, track bars, and more that can make fabricating a one-off suspension, rollcage, or other custom project a whole lot easier. Whether it’s a solid-axle swap or a custom long-travel suspension, Rusty’s Builder Parts can be used or adapted to just about anything. In addition to complete brackets, Rusty’s offers over 40 different tabs in a variety of shapes and styles. Rusty’s can also build track bars and control arms to your specifications and with a wide variety of ends, including rod ends, forged Flex Joints, OE rubber, and more. Rusty’s can also build custom steering components, including tie rods and drag links. All of Rusty’s products are Made in the USA and Trail Tested.
Info: Rusty’s Off-Road, 256/442-0607,

Hardcore Shafts
What: RCV Ultimate IFS CV Axleshafts
About: RCV’s Ultimate IFS CV Axleshafts for fullsize pickups and SUV’s provide ultra-high-strength and articulation angles of up to 45 degrees that original-equipment CV axles can’t match. These CV axles are a direct replacement for half-, ¾-, and 1-ton vehicles and provide the axleshaft strength of a straight axle swap, while maintaining the traction, smoothness and control of IFS. High-strength billet-alloy construction, wrapped with RCV’s patented orange spherical sealing technology provides a bulletproof combination. The CV Axles are low maintenance, and backed with a “No Questions Asked” limited lifetime warranty against breakage. RCV can also provide custom lengths and configurations.
Info: RCV Performance Products, 815/877-7473,

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