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Synergy Suspension’s - Baja Basket

Posted in How To on January 1, 2013
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Sometimes, less is more. During a recent outing, I packed so much stuff that I "treated" myself to a new experience. Between tools, food, camera gear, water, extra fuel, clothing, and other miscellaneous items, the 4Runner became noticeably sluggish. That's never happened before. There's a saying that too much is never enough, to which I counter sometimes too much is simply too much.

The less-is-more campaign has two fronts. First, the tool load needs to be reduced, but in an intelligent way. This means creating a set of tools that's only meant for the trail. Up to now, I've carried virtually every handtool I own. Second, things need to be better organized inside the 'Runner. Gear needs to be better secured and easier to access. That's where Synergy Suspension's Baja Basket comes in.

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The Synergy Suspension Baja Basket perfectly illustrates the form-follows-function philosophy. A tube forms the upper rail and provides multiple lashing points for securing cargo. The balance of the Baja Basket is 16-gauge steel that's been formed with CNC punch press equipment. Each round hole has been dimple-died, adding stiffness and strength to the Baja Basket. When all of these parts and features are combined, it equals a lightweight basket that's capable of holding up to 300 pounds of gear. Synergy, indeed!

The Synergy Suspension Baja Basket is easy to install with basic handtools if you've got a Jeep Wrangler. The Synergy Wrangler Baja Basket lineup is extensive and includes mounting brackets to fit most models, including the YJ ('92 to '95), TJ, TJ Unlimited/LJ, and the two- or four-door JK.

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For non-Wrangler 'wheelers, the universal Baja Basket is the way to go. The universal Baja Basket is available in small, medium, and large sizes and includes multiple pre-punched mounting holes. All three sizes are available in a raw steel finish (easy to weld on additional tabs and paint any color you wish), and the medium and large sizes can also be ordered in a black powdercoat finish.

Since less is sometimes more, we'll dispense with the introduction and get on to the custom installation inside our 4Runner. Synergy Suspension's Baja Basket: destination anywhere!

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Synergy Manufacturing
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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