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Randy Ellis Design's Sleekster Rockers

Rocker Installed On Ford Raptor
Jay Kopycinski | Writer
Posted March 1, 2013

Bolt-On Truck Protection

Quality rocker protection for pickup trucks is sometimes hard to find. Sure, there’s always the option of custom-welded tube sliders, but some owners are looking for a simpler way to gain some lower-body protection. Randy Ellis Design (RED) is filling some of that void with their Sleekster Rockers, bolt-on body-mounted rocker protection that requires no welding or cutting on your truck.

The rockers are formed on a large press brake into a sturdy box shape using 0.130-inch sheet steel. Once they are formed, they provide wheel-to-wheel rocker panel protection and hang no lower than the frame, so no overall ground clearance is lost. The design is super rigid, meaning the weight of the truck can sit on them or they can be used as a jacking point to lift the truck. Finish is a nice satin black powdercoat.

There are no tubes running from the framerails with the Sleekster Rockers, so the length underneath is free of points where rocks can catch. The result is the addition of useful body armor in a discrete package.

RED currently offers their rockers for Toyota Tacomas, late-model 4Runners, FJ Cruisers, and F-150 four-door trucks. By the time you read this, they should also have them available for ’09-’13 Dodge Ram four-door trucks. We followed along as they did a rocker install on a ’12 Ford Raptor. Total install time in their shop was less than an hour.


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