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RCV Performance Ultimate CV Axels

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Though there are limited options for WJ owners eager to ditch the factory CV axleshafts, there is still the incredible option that is RCV Performance’s Ultimate CV axles. RCV’s Ultimate CV axles will not only out-perform the factory CV axles (or traditional U-joint axles for that matter), they will almost certainly be the last set of axleshafts we’ll need to install. Lack of maintenance or misuse would be about the only obstacles that might lead to their failure, and even then RCV offers a no-questions-asked limited lifetime warranty in the event that they did break. The RCV axle kit for our WJ included assembled inner and outer axleshafts with new ABS tone rings installed, two of RCV’s signature patented Spherical Sealing Technology CV boots, a boot installation tool, new bearing bolts, and a tube of RCV’s synthetic CV grease.