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G2 Axle And Gear Dana 44
Christian Lee | Writer
Posted April 10, 2013

The Best of the Best High-Performance Axles, Housings, and Assemblies

There was a time when Jeeps and other trail rigs had little aftermarket support in the way of axle upgrades. The best and beefiest option back then was to find some Dana 60 axles at a salvage yard and either cut down the tubes or simply run them wide. When you snapped shafts or bent an axle tube, you ordered the same part that broke, straightened the tube, and put it all back together. These days, the options are numerous. We have high-strength front and rear axleshaft kits backed by multi-year warranties and heavy-duty, bolt-in axle assemblies that will seemingly never break, bend, or explode. You can now replace your broken or failure-prone parts with something substantially better without building a custom salvage yard Dana 60. Check out the following to read how.


Ballistic Fabrication
Ballistic Fabrication has released its Performance Series Ford 9-inch axlehousing, featuring a bump formed X-plate design to help transfer and distribute forces evenly and allow for increased overall strength without sacrificing clearance or adding weight. The housing features 3.5-inch by 0.250-inch-wall axle tubes and is 65 inches long end-to-end. Construction of the housing features CNClaser cut and pressed 0.250-inch steel plate with an extra thick 0.375-inch faceplate.

  • Final machining of the faceplate after welding ensures a perfectly flat seal surface and consistent ring gear location on every housing
  • Mounting holes are drilled and tapped on a CNC mill after welding for accurate alignment every time
  • Housing design uses two interlocking 0.250-inch internal gussets to add strength where it is most needed
For more information, contact: Ballistic Fabrication
(520) 888-4441

Camburg Engineering
Camburg Engineerings complete 3.50 Rear Race Series 9-inch axlehousing is CAD-designed and precision manufactured. It features 3.5-inch by 0.250-inch-wall 4130 axle tubes and a .188-inch center section with a .375-inch faceplate.

  • Rear truss and internal webbing/gusseting provide additional strength to the housing
  • A 1/8-inch steel lower skid/bash plate helps protect from damage
  • Features a billet filler cap at the top of the housing. A vent fitting and drain plug are also in place
  • Made in the USA
For more information, contact: Camburg Engineering
(714) 848-8880

Currie Enterprises
Currie Enterprises RockJock high-pinion 60 frontends include the 206-T6 aluminum center cast housing or the all-new IronJock nodular iron version. All units include heavy-duty, thick steel covers (aluminum covers with carrier cap stabilizers are optional), an AR400 heat-treated steel-bottom skidplate, and choice of yoke size/style. The rest of the frontend may be built up with any combination of the vast amount of optional equipment available through Currie, including axleshafts, gears, carriers, knuckles, hubs, and disc brakes.

  • The SAE 206-T6 aluminum casting from Currie uses a flow-through circulating oil system exclusive to the Currie unit, and it is the first in the industry to feature a full 60-degree cover angle
  • Features equal diameter large front and rear pinion bearings, optional 3-inch by 0.3125-inch-wall or a 3-inch by 0.375-inch-wall tubing on complete housings, and the ability to accept either stock or aftermarket diff covers
  • Upper bracketry mounting bridge is available
For more information, contact: Currie Enterprises
(714) 528-6957

Diamond Axles
Offered for Toyota or Ford 9-inch-based front and rear axle applications, Diamond Axles are precision CNClaser cut, formed, and machined. The third-member mounting flange is made from 1/2-inch plate and the housing is CNC-formed from one piece of 1/4-inch steel. All of Diamond Axles fabricated housings are fully welded inside and out and feature an internal brace that is fully welded to both the axle tube and center section cover.

  • Housings are cut and formed to wrap tightly around the ring gear and other case features to offer maximum ground clearance
  • Axle tubes are available in 3-, 3.125-, 3.25-, and 3.5-inch diameters and in 0.250-, 0.375-, and 0.50-inch-wall thickness
  • Front housings are available to fit Toyota 8-inch, 8.4-inch, and 9.5-inch centers and Ford 9-inch centers and can be equipped with Toyota (Birfield-based), Dana 44 ball joint, or Dana 60 kingpin outers
  • Rear housings can be equipped with Ford big bearing semi-float, Toyota semi-float, or Toyota-based or Dana-based full-float housing ends
For more information, contact: Diamond Axles
(970) 881-2418

The ProRock 44 from Dynatrac is a high-pinion Dana 44 replacement housing designed to capitalize on the advantages of the stronger Next Generation Dana 44 ring and pinion found in Jeep Wrangler JKs. Each housing includes Dynatracs new Pro44 end forgings, which are much stronger than stock and will maintain proper wheel camber even under severe use.

  • Applications are available for Jeep Wrangler JK, TJ, YJ, XJ, and more
  • Dynatracs American-made quality and warranty is standard equipment on all ProRock 44 housings and assemblies
  • Features 3-inch-diameter axle tubes
  • Extreme-duty, steel suspension brackets are 50 percent thicker and much stronger than stock brackets. All are computer-designed and CNC-manufactured in the USA
  • Available as a fully built crate assembly or bare housing
For more information, contact: Dynatrac
(714) 596-4461

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