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Skyjacker 4-inch Full-Spring Suspension Install

Lifted Gmc On Hill
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted May 7, 2013
Photographers: Agustin Jimenez

Lifting The Last Of Solid-Axle GMC Trucks

Its not often we get to work on an old truck as clean as this one. This 1984 GMC has only seen a couple owners and has remained basically stock, save for a stereo upgrade and some newer tires. Its paint showed no signs of age and it looked truly garage-kept when we got our hands on it. This was not some beater truck that would make Do with some costcutter lift kit. We wanted the absolute best package we could get, without having to go completely custom. Since Skyjacker has a reputation for having great leaf springs and recently released its new M95 nitrogen-charged shocks, the call was made to West Monroe, Louisiana, to get a top-of-the-line suspension for a pristine truck.

And what other wheel could you put on a classic truck than the polished Mickey Thompson Classic III? We wrapped a set in some aggressive 35-inch Baja MTZ tires to give great traction wherever this classic is driven.


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Of course, few installation jobs ever go perfectly and we found a couple parts that needed replacing along the way, but the result was well worth the work, and this truck drove just as well as it did from the factory (if not better) when we were finished.


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