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Power Stroke 6.7l

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While the new Power Stroke 6.7L lends itself well to modifications, it’s sort of like adding nitrous to a 1,000cc street bike—how much power do you really need? After adding only two modifications in the entire powertrain—an H&S tuner and a water/methanol injection kit—we are down to just the tuner. While we like water/methanol injection in diesels, it was simply deemed unneeded in this truck. There are two main reasons to add water/meth injection: cooling and power improvements. With three pyrometers giving us exhaust-reading temperatures, we have never once seen the temperatures get even close to dangerous, even pulling 12,000 pounds up a grade at 60 mph. As for power, well, nitrous on a street bike. … Work under the hood now includes an air filter change, and that’s it. The 6.7L Power Stroke is a winner.