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How to Survive the Apocalypse

Posted in How To on June 27, 2013
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If a major disaster strikes, chances are you’ll have to fit everything into one vehicle. You probably won’t have time to stop for gas, either, so it makes good sense to habitually keep the tank full. A few full jugs of fuel on hand wouldn’t hurt, either, but remember to consistently use and rotate the fuel in the jugs so you have fresh gasoline.

Whether you're convinced that the earth will be inextricably altered by a mushroom cloud, that living humans will be attacked by the undead, or that a pathogen will wipe out most of life as we know it, it pays to be prepared for a major disaster. While some might pack every square inch of their vehicle with artillery, we think we'd stay lighter on firepower (how many guns can you hold at once?) and concentrate on things to keep us alive and going. Assuming we live through the initial blast and can get out of town, here's what we'd take to pass the remaining time.

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