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Long-Term Updates - July 2013

Posted in How To on July 26, 2013
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Hoses with Steel Coils
When we pulled our radiator hoses off the radiator to replace them (good measure to do at least every couple years, even if you don't drive the vehicle often), we found the entire steel coil of the upper radiator hose stuffed inside the inlet of the radiator. Steel coils are put in radiator hoses to keep them from collapsing during pressure changes within the closed cooling system. If you need a steel coil–equipped hose, try to use one with the coil molded into the rubber instead of just shoved inside the hose. That way there is no chance of the coil slipping out of the hose.

hoses with steel coils

Kanati Mud Hog Tire/Dick Cepek DC-2 Combo
The initial test of this tire focused on mud performance, and the Mud Hogs fared well in the goo as their name suggests. After we got out of the mud pit (and spent 20-plus hours cleaning up), we put the Mud Hogs through the paces of pavement, sand, dirt, and rocks. The additional miles served to nail the point home: This is a great all-around tire that leans toward the aggressive side. No knobs chunked, and we found on-road noise was audible yet acceptable. Fuel economy dipped by about 1 mpg compared to an all-terrain tread, something we've seen before when going from an all-terrain tread to a mud tire. It's not a sand tire, yet sand performance was also impressive. We aired down to about 25 psi in the sand. We ran at 40 psi on the street. Tread life seems good, but our results are a bit skewed as we were running an automatic locker in the rear differential, something that burns up tires quickly on the pavement. We called the initial story "Batting 1,000" and there's no reason to change that assessment. The only problem with Kanati Mud Hog Tires (made by Greenball Corp.) is that not enough people know about them.

Dick Cepek's DC-2 wheel was a great match for the Mud Hogs. There was ample brake caliper clearance, something that's not always a given on today's modern trucks. Those who need TPMS compatibility will be happy to know that the DC-2 is air-sensor friendly. The DC-2 has a weather-resistant coating, keeping the DC-2's looking good without requiring the maintenance that an uncoated polished wheel demands.

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