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Ford F-150 SVT Raptor MBRP Black Bolt-On Exhaust

Black Bolt On Raptor Exhaust Cover Photo
Chris Rogers | Writer
Posted July 17, 2013

30 Minutes From Rumble

Got a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor in your driveway that could use a nice aftermarket exhaust rumble? MBRP has a new 3.5-inch cat-back exhaust system for your 6.2L crew- or extended-cab Raptor, and the entire kit is specially sealed against rust with a black coating that stands up to the exhaust heat and dirt spray brought on by miles of off-road use. The entire single-tube system bolts on in about 30 minutes and is said to make 13 horsepower on a rear-wheel dynamometer. For less than $800, you can have a better rumble out of your Raptor in half an hour!


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