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Bring It What To Take To Get You Out Portable Welder

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Sometimes welding is the only way to get a Jeep off the trail. In those cases, hope and pray that someone with an off-road welding truck rolls down the trail. You can also bring a portable battery-operated wire feed welder like those made by Hobart, Miller, or Ready Weld, or a vehicle-mounted welder like a Premier Power Welder. As a last resort, we usually bring a welding helmet, gloves, a wire brush, a file, and two sets of jumper cables. If you run two or three car batteries in series with two sets of jumper cables, you can weld. Use the negative loose lead as a ground and the other (positive lead) to hold the welding rod. We have had pretty good luck with 6011 and 7018 welding rods for trail repairs.