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Bring It What To Take To Get You Out Hand Tools

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Here are some of the must-have hand tools that we bring with us on any off-road excursion. An assortment of screwdrivers, including large ones that can be used as prybars, is important. Sockets, ratchets, extensions, wobble joint, and a 3-foot breaker bar are also must-haves. The breaker bar can also be used as a prybar if need be. We also carry a big hammer and a few drifts and chisels. Electrical tape is useful for many repairs. Also don’t forget hex or Allen wrenches and Torx bits, which are a must-have for most Jeeps built after the ’70s. Lastly, any odd sockets that you might need like for a Dana 44 hub, a 11⁄8-inch socket for pinion nuts, and a 32mm or 36mm sockets for newer Dana 30/44 Unitbearing axles can save the day.