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Bring It What To Take To Get You Out Daystar Tool Can Cam

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Daystar offers the Can Cam in grey for water and green for other fluids. More recently, they added the Can Cam Trail Box (PN KU71114OR). We mounted our green Cam Can (for any non-fuel liquid, PN KU71114GN) and the orange Cam Can Trail Box to the bed of Piggy using Daystars Cam Can Universal Mounting Kit (PN KU71118). The Trail Box is a great place to store small light-weight items that you want to be able to grab quickly. We tossed in some more of our must-haves: an OBDII scan tool, a multi meter/test light, first aid kit, gloves, and an air-down tool. We have also seen towstraps, ropes, and cookies stored in the Trail Box.