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Getting Unstuck The Hard Way What Now Bottle Jack Under Rear Axle

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Another old trick you can try (even if you only “sort of” know how to change a tire) is to get your Jeep’s factory bottle jack out and use it to get your Jeep a bit higher and out of the mud, sand, or snow or if your Jeep is hung up on a rock. Put the jack on a large, flat rock, piece of wood, or something stable, and get it under your axle. If you can lift a tire even a few inches out of the muck or sand, you can shove rocks, sticks, or whatever you have under your tires. Then move to another tire or axle and repeat until you’ve built a road for the Jeep to get some momentum. If none of this works, stay with your Jeep. It makes a decent tent and is much easier to find than a person who’s lost in the woods.