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Jeep Recovery 101 Tow Strap Attached To Suspension Shackle

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Suspension Shackle No-No
Be sure not to confuse a D-ring shackle with a suspension shackle. Both have similar names, but very different jobs. At some point someone decided a suspension shackle is a great tow point. It isn’t. If you need to tow to a vehicle that does not have a towhook, don’t use the shackle unless you absolutely have to. Instead, wrap a towstrap around a crossmember. Make sure that the crossmember does not have any sharp edges, though, or you can quickly cut your towstrap in two. Using the suspension shackle as a tow point can damage your suspension or cause you to lose control of your Jeep, because a sharp tug on the suspension shackle can cause your suspension to suddenly load or unload.