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Pela Motorsports Stage 1 Upgrade System

Ford F 250
Chris Hamilton
| Brand Manager, Mud Life
Posted August 10, 2013

Power Stroke Performance

Ford's infamous 6.0L diesel Power Stroke engine was designed to replace the larger 7.3L motor that was bolted in the previous line of Ford trucks. Ford received a lot of heat while the kinks were worked out of the 6.0L Power Stroke design and even issued a few recalls. Once the bugs were dealt with and the owners were happy, the Power Stroke brand came back strong and continued to outsell a number of other brands and powerplants on the market. The 365-cid direct-injection motor puts out around 365 hp from the factory with around 560 lb-ft of torque. With power like this, you could tow just about anything you could put behind it. The guys at Pela Motorsports like to prove that these engines can handle a whole lot more than that.

Pela Motorsports in Jupiter, Florida, specializes in all things high-performance with a focus on diesel buildups. Adam Pela has been modifying, repairing, and racing some of the baddest diesel trucks on the east coast. He will accept any challenge thrown his way. So when Adam "A-Bomb" Kearns of Jupiter picked up this used '06 Ford F-250 Power Stroke, he took it straight to the open bay at Pela Motorsports for the company's Stage 1 upgrade on the 6.0L motor.

Significant drivability improvements, including mileage increases and around a 40-50 rwhp increase, are just a few advantages of the Stage 1 upgrade system. Included in this kit is a 5-inch aluminum exhaust system that replaces the factory pipes from the turbo, all the way back. The next piece is a replacement high-flow air intake that allows these engines to suck more air for noticeable horsepower gains and improved acceleration. The last step to this system is in the brain of the truck, where a custom Pela Motorsports tune with Sniper software will dial in the 6.0L. All of these upgrades can be performed in a driveway with some basic tools, but if you are in the area we recommend you take it to Pela and let him work his magic.

Step By Step

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  • A-Bomb brought his ’05 Ford Power Stroke to Pela Motorsports in Jupiter, Florida, for a Stage 1 upgrade, which includes an intake, exhaust, and performance tune.

  • This Pela 5-inch stainless steel exhaust has been electro-polished for extra shine. This kit is a direct replacement for the factory 31/2-inch system.

  • The V-band is removed that connected the downpipe to the turbo. This loosens the exhaust system and allows easier removal.

  • In the interest of time, a Sawzall was used to cut the factory pipe and drop it out of the way.

  • In the interest of time, a Sawzall was used to cut the factory pipe and drop it out of the way.

  • Here’s the factory V-band we removed from the original exhaust system. There’s no need to throw good parts away if they can be reused.

  • The first pipe that needs to be installed is the downpipe from the turbo. The factory V-band will clamp the pipe and secure it in place.

  • The muffler should be mocked in place (loosely mounted) so there is no binding while the rest of the system is installed.

  • The system includes to extension pipe that need to be measured and trimmed for exact fit.

  • After the exhaust is in place and all the hangers are lined up, the entire system is tightened from front to back. A quick tack weld will give added peace of mind that the system will stay in place.

  • The last modification to the new exhaust is trimming the end of the exhaust and installing the polished tip. A quick cleaning with a file will eliminate the metal shavings and the risk of cutting fingers and legs.

  • The exhaust looks great and will definitely help the 6.0L diesel engine breathe easier. Now we need to help this Ford inhale a little more fresh air.

  • The exhaust looks great and will definitely help the 6.0L diesel engine breathe easier. Now we need to help this Ford inhale a little more fresh air.

  • It should take just a few minutes to disassemble and remove the entire factory intake. The intake is easily disassembled by unclipping the cover, removing the filter, and unbolting a few small retainer bolts.

  • The Pela intake is an exact factory replacement that anyone can bolt on in half an hour. This will help reduce turbo lag, provide quicker acceleration, lower EGTs, and improve fuel economy.

  • The factory turbo pipe was removed first, then the new pipe installed. A simple pipe clamp secures it in place. The air box goes in next, using all the factory grommets and fasteners.

  • The new Pela filter is cleanable and reusable, which will help save money on replacement filters in no time at all. Finally, the clear Pela Motorsports intake cover is screwed in. The cover makes it easy to inspect the filter for periodic maintenance.

  • The new Pela Motorsports system looks great in the engine compartment of the truck. The clear window on the filter housing allows easy inspection and removal of the reusable filter for maintenance and cleaning.

  • A-Bomb is known for driving his rigs hard so that it’s no surprise he smoked the tires on the very first test drive. Source


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