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Plan B Fab Wheels - 1-Ton Rollers

Plan B Fab Wheels 2
Chris Hamilton
| Brand Manager, Mud Life
Posted August 8, 2013

Superior Traction Tires on Plan B Fab Wheels

Our new Cummins-powered swamp buggy is built right on top of the factory Dodge chassis and its 1-ton axles. These budget buggies are easy to build and a great way to get your rusty old work truck out of the yard and into the mud. When we picked up this project from the White City Boyz the wheels were bent just enough so air would slowly leak, which caused flat tires in just a few days. The wheels had literally been through hell and back. We could have fixed the leaks by adding cheap inner tubes, but a new set of killer custom wheels and tires sounded a whole lot cooler.

Once Rob Pigue from Plan B Fab heard we had a new 1-ton buggy build he jumped on the phone and offered his time and wheels once again. Rob has been getting quite a few requests for 1-ton rims, so when the opportunity came up he was ready and willing to step up. Most of his customers own late-model lifted diesel trucks with newer body styles and 1-ton axles. Guys are buying up wheels and tires to use at the mud events and then bolting on their factory wheels for commuting during the week.

The overall rim height for our new wheels will stay at 24 inches for both the front and rear wheels. However, the rear wheels are much wider since our buggy is built from a dualie truck. Adjusting the rear wheels' offset (the measurement from the rear lip of the wheel to the back of the mounting plate) will ensure that the wheels have the same track width from front to back. Once we slapped on another set of Superior Traction 14.9x24 tires, we never noticed the difference. We also had the wheels a very cool silver thanks to Ace Powder Coating in Rivera Beach, Florida.

Now it's time for some testing in the mud! Be sure to stay tuned for the pictures from the torture test we put them through. We fully expect to break an axle or two, but that's just another fix and upgrade tech article.

Step By Step

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  • Our custom 1-ton wheels were built using 24x12 tractor barrels in the rear and 24x8 ones in the front. A 1-inch-thick steel center was HD laser cut and welded into the centers of each barrel at the correct offset.

  • Saw blade style imitation bead locks are going to make these wheels the center of attention. So we’ll have to work to make the rest of the buggy just as eye-catching as our new Plan B wheels

  • Once the wheels were welded together as one, we dropped the set off with Tommy Vann at Ace Powder Coating in Rivera Beach, Florida. Since he has been in business for 15 years, we were confident that Tommy’s crew would coat the wheel so the shine would last a lifetime and resist corrosion.

  • After a quick sandblasting and cleaning, all four wheels and beadlocks are covered in a thin layer of high-gloss primer and baked for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees F. Keep in mind that surface preparation is key to paint adhesion.

  • While we waited for the wheels to be built, Luke Bodine from Superior Traction in Tarpoon Springs, Florida, packed up a set of 14.9x24 tires and tubes before shipping them down to Pela Motorsports in Jupiter, Florida.

  • After priming, the wheels were rolled into the booth to get a thick coat of Sherwin Williams Silver Metallic powder and a final layer of PPG clear. We couldn’t have been happier with Ace’s work.

  • Once we had the tires and wheels in the same location, Adam Pela and A-Bomb muscled the tires over the wheels and managed to slip in the tubes in the first try. Clearly these guys have done this a time or two.

  • A-Bomb filled the tubes to around 20 pounds of pressure before letting it all back out again. This ensures that the tube is free of kinks or twists. The riding pressure for these tires is only around 12 pounds at the most. Time to get this rig muddy!