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Powertrax No Slip Differential Installed

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We started this crazy test by tossing a Powertrax No-Slip (PN 92-0382-2905, $467.00) from West Coast Differentials in the 29-spline Chrysler 8.25 axle in the rear of our restomod ’56 CJ-5. Why the rear first, you ask? The 4.10 rear has an easily removable cross pin, while the ring gear of the high-pinion Dana 30 front axle prevents removal of the cross pin. That means you have to pull the bearing caps, remove the differential from the axle, and then remove the ring gear from the differential in order to get the cross pin and differential side gears out to install the Lock-Right locker. We decided we only wanted to mess with the front diff once, so we would install the rear locker and then pull it. Or so we thought.