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Outdoor Survival Gear - Weapons Of Survival

Posted in How To on October 1, 2005
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Weapon: CB Radio
What It Is: Citizens-band radio unit
Survival: Cobra's 19DX IV in-dash CB has NightWatch technology to fully illuminate the front panel when it's dark out; NOAA All Hazards Alert Radio, which will let you know of weather, chemical, or other civilian emergencies; and a public address system
The Bonus: Its cords allow for easy reach anywhere in the cab
What It Costs: MSRP is $59.95
How to Get It: Cobra Electronics, 773.889.8870,

Weapon: Water
What It Is: Yet again: Seriously?
Survival: To prevent thirst and its evil cousin dehydration, plan to pack a gallon per person per day. And just in case you have cooling problems, factor in emergency water for your truck
The Bonus: Taking your dog on the trail? You can pack his water supply too (and make him haul it). Mountainsmith offers dog packs for that and treats, toys, and a leash
What It Costs: 16.9-ounce bottles of water bought in bulk probably work out to about $0.10 each; the dog packs run $85 and less
How to Get It: Anywhere from gas stations to supermarkets; dog packs, Mountainsmith, 800.551.5889,

Weapon: Food
What It Is: Seriously?
Survival: You need to eat. And if you happen to get stuck on the trail or lost in the woods, we're guessing you're not wise enough to know whether to pick the red or blue berry. While you may have a cooler with sandwiches packed in the truck, throw some small, non-perishable, indestructible items into your daypack like trail mix and energy bars
The Bonus: Bars are small enough to fit in pockets and fanny packs
What It Costs: Anywhere from $0.99 to $3.50, depending on how gourmet your convenience food gets
How to Get It: The grocery store

Weapon: First-Aid Kit
What It Is: The best way to avoid the punchline, "Doc says you're gonna die"
Survival: You'll feel ready to set up an off-road triage. Thermometer, aspirin, splinter picker, trauma pack, bandages, and how-to book are included
The Bonus: There's also duct tape! The kit weighs only 1 pound, 7 ounces, and is 8.5x6x3 inches in diameter
What It Costs: About $59
How to Get It: Adventure Medical Kits, 800.324.3517,

Weapon: Matches
What It Is: #700 Series water- and windproof sticks
Survival: Have your tried to light a match in wind or rain? Something Else: They have an extra-large head, and there are two boxes per package
The Bonus: You can find them as cheap as $2.50 (for 50 matches)
How to Get It: Coghlan's, 204.284.9550,

Weapon: Flashlight
What It Is: The Endurable Camouflage 393667
Survival: Has three levels of illumination: a spotlight that runs continuously for up to 130 hours, a utility light up to 40 hours, and all-area lighting up to 30 hours
The Bonus: That's Realtree Hardwoods Green HDT (high definition) camo
What It Costs: $24.99
How to Get It: At or in Sears stores

Weapon: Fire extinguisher
What It Is: FESA5 for vehicles
Survival: This portable extinguisher is rated for flammable liquid fires and "live" electrical equipment flames, and includes a mounting bracket
The Bonus: Attach it to the rollbar or under the seat so it's easy to get to
What It Costs: Around $50
How to Get It: First Alert, 630.851.7330, Costs: $24.99
How to Get It: At or in Sears stores

Weapon: Duct tape
What It Is: Mr. Fix-It
Survival: You can use this for everything, including radiator hoses and keeping dangling stuff on your truck
The Bonus: We're just saying, if it's in the medical kit...
What It Costs: A couple bucks
How to Get It: Home centers, big-box retailers, drug stores, darn near anywhere

Weapon: Multitool
What It Is: The Multiplier 600 Pro Scout, a toolbox that fits in your hand
Survival: Needlenose pliers, saw blade, half-serrated drop-point knife blade, bottle opener, can opener, files, six screwdriver bits, and scissors said to be able to cut through seatbelts
The Bonus: There's an available flashlight
What It Costs: Around $50
How to Get It: Gerber Legendary Blades, 800.950.6161 or 503.639.6161,

Weapon: GPS
What It Is: Global Positioning System GPSMAP 60C
Survival: Handheld map data (highways, rivers, major roads, and more) with a compass and barometric altimeter. It has 56 megabytes of internal memory, a trip computer, and 1,000 waypoints
The Bonus: It's waterproof
What It Costs: MSRP is $535.70
How to Get It: Garmin, 800.800.1020 or 913.397.8200,

Weapon: Writing Utensil
What It Is: Inka, an all-terrain pen that will attach to your clothing or gear
Survival: It has a pressurized ink cartridge that writes at any angle, temperature, and altitude, as well as under water
The Bonus: It's made of stainless steel
What It Costs: MSRP is $30
How to Get It: Inka Corp., 303.443.5121,

Weapon: Handheld 24/7 SmartBright
What It Is: Flashlight + strobe + SOS signal + emergency/locator beacons
Survival: You're a walking disco that will be a breeze to find if you get lost
The Bonus: Accessories include adjustable lanyard, headgear, and magnetic mount
What It Costs: Around $60
How to Get It: Emissive Energy Corp., 401.294.2030,

Weapon: Digital Compass/ Altimeter
What It Is: TerraTech
Survival: If you're lost, this will be your new best friend, thanks to palm-size basic electronic navigation. If you're simply curious about your surroundings, it will display nearly anything you could want to know
The Bonus: Watch, chronograph, alarm, LED, thermometer, and countdown timer
What It Costs: MSRP is $65
How to Get It: HighGear, 888.295.4949 or

Weapon: Max Tool System
What It Is: An ax, hoe, shovel, pick, rake, and more
Survival: You can do anything, from clearing camp to digging a tire out of sand
The Bonus: It's extremely compact-the carrying case has pockets for each attachment
What It Costs: $189.95 for one set; price drops for two or more
How to Get It: Forrest Tool Company, 707.937.2141,

Weapon: Tool & Light Kit
What It Is: Emergency stash to keep in your truck; includes pliers, an electrical tester, a cutter, a multi-screwdriver, and a spare-key holder.
Survival: It's a downsized toolbox that still covers all the bases
The Bonus: The flashlight will automatically turn on when removed from the case
What It Costs: $35
How to Get It: Jeep,

Weapon: Binocular
What It Is: ProStaff Waterproof Compact All-Terrain Binocular (ATB)
Survival: This compact optical line has focus distances of under 10 feet, while field of view ranges from 330 feet in the 8-power to 220 feet in the 12-power model
The Bonus: The ATB is fogproof too
What It Costs: Starts at $119.95 for the 8x25
How to Get It: Nikon Sport Optics, 800.248.6846,

Gerber's Camp Axe

Weapon: Knife/ Machete/Axe
What It Is: Fixed or folding blades, regular or serrated edges, rubber or steel handles, whatever combination you want and need, you can find
Survival: Every backpacker, hunter, and camper should have a blade, whether it's for skinning, chopping, or cutting, or for clearing a trail
The Bonus: They range from regular ol' pocket kind to hybrids
What It Costs: You can find a knife for any price; however, it's $39.95 for the Vagabond, about $108 for the Trident, $21.99 for the 97KMS, and approximately $40 for the Camp Axe
How to Get It: Spyderco, 800.525.7770 or 303.279.8383,; SOG, 425.771.6230,; Gerber Legendary Blades, 800.950.6161 or 503.639.6161,; Cold Steel, 800.255.4716,

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Weapon: QuickAir2
What It Is: Portable air compressor
Survival: Fill your tires, raft, and mattress
The Bonus: It has a 25-foot nylon coil hose
What It Costs: Starts at $305 for the compressor only
How to Get It: Sun Performance Products, 714.708.7730,

Weapon: MSR MIOX
What It Is: A water purifier
Survival: A compact water-treatment system that can treat up to a gallon of water with a single dose. Uses electrolysis and mixed-oxidant technology to kill water cooties
The Bonus: No pumping or iodine is required
What It Costs: $129.95
How to Get It: Mountain Safety Research, 800.531.9531,

Weapon: Hi-Lift Jack
What It Is: A multipurpose jack/must-have recovery equipment
Survival: Use it for changing a tire, as a winch for extracting your truck from a stuck, or anything else that requires pushing or pulling
The Bonus: Sizes include 48 and 60 inches, and it weighs around 30 pounds
What It Costs: Starts at about $65
How to Get It: Hi-Lift Jack Company, 800.233.2051 or 812.384.4441,

Other Weapons Of Survival
* Winch
* Tow strap
* Tree saver
* Extra fuel
* Spare parts and fluids
* A container for catching fluid/oil leaks
* Toilet paper
* Trash bags
* Tire-pressure gauge
* Jumper cables
* Tow hook
* Sunblock and insect repellent
* Maps (including BLM, U.S. Forest Service, and U.S. Geological Survey)

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