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Hot Winching Tips & Tricks

Front View
Rick Péwé | Writer
Posted April 1, 2006
Photographers: Alan Huber

Pulling cable the safe way

It seems like you see front-mounted self-recovery winches on many a vehicle nowadays; heck, even the Dodge Power Wagon comes from the factory with one. It wasn't too long ago that only the hard-core backcountry explorers and experienced wheelers mounted a winch on their rigs. But now the show rigs and trailer queens sport a reeled-up bunch of cable on the front and rear, even though we'd bet a beer they aren't even hooked up, much less ever used. Regardless of who has them, self-recovery winches are a blessing and a curse to those of us in the wheeling world, and the proper use of a winch is essential to safe operation. What's more is that there are many tips and tricks an experienced wheeler can give you for using a winch to make it work quicker, better, cooler, and more powerful. Here's a roundup of items from our files, the manufacturers, and our dusty memories.


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