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1991 IFS Chevy Truck - The 30-Minute Wheeler

Posted in How To on June 1, 2006
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Photographers: Leah Light

A month ago we set the stage to test some independent front suspension rumors and theories, and since then we've found some problems with our '91 IFS Chevy truck. The plan was to take it outon some gnarly trails, beat the poop out of it, and see what broke. The problems arose when we thought we were being easy on the truck and it just wouldn't hold together. In fact, two of our three off-road runs resulted in less than a half hour of wheeling before we were broke, and the repairs required took up to an hour to do (we're getting faster) and at least $50 in parts. Needless to say, we're not very excited about the performance so far.

You may wonder why we only got three runs on the truck, and that's partly due to a non-IFS problem, the transmission. Even though the truck received a new fuel-injected 454 long-block and Tuff Country 6-inch suspension lift, it is still a 15-year-old brute, and it's been showing its age in the rest of the drivetrain. So where does this leave our testing? We are quickly attacking little gremlins (especially in the wiring), and have both upgrades and more dirt bashing scheduled for it. As this goes to print we have about a month before it is time to head for the Easter Safari in Moab, and we are wondering if the truck will still be running the inferior front suspension for that trip, or if something more solid will find its way under there. Wait and see.

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Dick Cepek
Tuff Country Suspension

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