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Nose Stuck

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We tried a bit of throttle, but even with our Fun Countrys aired down to below 20 psi, the truck just didn't want to climb in the slippery terrain. Rather than tear up the trail too much we opted for the hook end of a friend's winch cable. To help our mate's lighter Blazer pull our big pig back onto course, we turned the wheel tight, engaged the ARB Air Locker, and let the big-block do its thing, but the next thing you know we heard the now-recognizable bang of another passenger-side halfshaft detonating. Finally with some throttle action, the front Air Locker affording us three-wheel drive, and various angled winch pulls, we got the truck off the edge and turned around so we could trundle back to the head of the trail to repair and regroup. At this time we were down to our last spare halfshaft, it was half rain, half snowing, and when the locals informed us that we hadn't even made it to the start of the tough stuff, we decided that we weren't prepared for this trail until we made some upgrades to our front end. Luckily there was a local tavern to go get warm and discuss our options over a frosty brew.