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Warn Winch Pullzall - Hoisting & Winching The Warn Way

Posted in How To on December 1, 2008
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There was a time when we lifted heavy loads like a teenager and push-started Jeeps just for fun. Nowadays there's probably some law about child labor as well as chasing after a vehicle rolling down the street. But we've also learned that having a helping hand for manual labor is a real luxury, and with the Warn PullzAll you can still get the work done without having to bother a buddy.

While many of us have mounted self-recovery winches on our trailers, the PullzAll is far handier because it's portable. Both a 24V-powered model with a self-contained rechargeable battery pack, and a 120V household model are available, and of course we found uses for each. Not only that, they are both rated as a hoist, which allows them to be used vertically in a safe manner. That means swapping engine, lifting transmissions, and loading junk on a trailer is now far easier than ever before. We've tried both models, and with a 1,000-pound load capacity and 15 feet of 7/32 cable, the PullzAll is one of the handiest tools in our collection for home or trail.

Using a remote PullzAll allows you to be at the action end, rather than tethered to where a winch is bolted down. The 24V model has an optional extra battery and a car charger, as well as a household current charger.

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