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The New Premier Power On-Board Welder

Posted in How To on May 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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Photographers: David Freiburger

Most experienced wheelers have broken some kind of steel part on the trail, whether it was a radio bracket or an axle. Being able to weld that metal back together on the trail can make all the difference in the world. We've made trail fixes with batteries and welding rod before, but the high-frequency welding of the Premier Power Welder just can't be beat. The Premier simply replaces the stock alternator on your 4x4. Add the control box and some cable, and you have a portable welding shop. And it isn't just for fixing those other broken trail rigs. You can weld on your own ride just as well.

We recently fitted our V-6-powered flattie with the new and improved Premier welder, in about an hour or so. While our installation is a bit easier than most, the welder can be fitted to most any vehicle and engine. The newly designed control unit is easy to install and use; it's down to two switches and a dial. And don't forget it also provides 120V DC power so you can run many different power tools and appliances off your ride-as long as you have the fuel for the engine!

The high-frequency aspect of the welder is due to the fact that an alternator switches electrical flow thousands of times a second, instead of 60 times a second as in normal household electricity. This high frequency helps to agitate and vibrate the molten pool of metal as you are welding, which makes for a better weld because the impurities rise to the surface. The result is a stronger weld with good penetration to the base material, so even a beginner can make good welds from the start.

The Premier can also be used to cut metal and blow holes easily in stuff so oddball repairs can be easy. We've even welded cast iron with the proper rod, and salvaged steering knuckles to make it off the trail. Welding cables are available as well from Premier, so your mobile shop can be ready for your next 4x trip. Follow along and see how important the new Premier Power Welder is.

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