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Swivel-Loc Trailer Hitch

Posted in How To on October 1, 2011
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Whether we are inside all winter wrenching or outside all winter wheeling, once spring hits we get the fever to modify and upgrade our rides. To that end, we’ve compiled a slew of afternoon upgrades that are easy to do and won’t necessarily break the bank. While a couple of our picks are a bit spendy, for the most part these are cheap and easy ways to spruce up and dial in your 4x4 for the wheeling season.

We got all the editors to pitch in here, to give you a taste of what each of them thinks, writes, and does as far as easy upgrades go. Check it out and let us know what you think at

Hitch Which?
Backing up to hitch a trailer or a towable by yourself has always been a pain, or an art. Some people can nail a ball hitch nearly every time with a sixth sense of where it is. For the rest of the towing population though, the constant backing, getting out and checking, and fiddling around makes hooking up a hitch a pain.

We recently found a product that helps hitching as long as we get the ball close to the trailer. The Swivel-Loc hitch alignment system uses a movable plate and locking mechanism to locate the ball under the trailer tongue. Once attached, you simply drive to align, and the pin locks down. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The load rating is for 6,000 pounds and a 600-pound tongue weight, but for our flat-towed Jeep this alignment system was a simple solution to backing a motorhome just to hitch up our Jeep. 

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