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G-Floor Customs: Mighty Fine Mat

Jeep Parked On G Floor Custom Mat
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted July 1, 2012

Keeping your Garage Clean

We know that most of you love to wrench and work on your own rides, so we’ve started a new series called Tool Shed. We’ll tell you about a neat or new tool or product each month that we use and like, and tell you where to get it and what it costs. And since we are beginning with the basics and at the bottom, we figured the G-Floor garage mat would be the first product to showcase.

Plenty of garage mats and coverings are available, and we even showcased the G-Floor in our May ’09 issue (“Vinyl Garage Flooring”). We love how the stuff stays put, is durable, and cleans up easily. But when the company came out with the new G-Floor Graphic product, it just floored us—literally! The mat is a polyvinyl material and comes in either flexible 75mm or stiffer 95mm thicknesses, making it heavy and durable. It comes in a coin or diamond-plate pattern, and also ceramic, Levant, woodgrain, or ribbed. Since it’s made to order, you get to supply the artwork, which the company applies in a second surface printing for true durability. As for the price, mats are quoted on a project-specific basis. Check the website for current pricing info and quotes.

The mat is available in almost any size up to 48 feet long and 10 feet wide. We figured that our 4-Wheel & Off-Road logo on the mat would be way too cool, especially if we used it at events and we parked our rides on it. Flexible and durable, this mat is the hot ticket. The biggest problem is that once rolled up, it takes more than one person to move it around! In the meantime it will reside inside our garage as soon as we make room for it on the floor. We will bring you more projects done on top of this flooring.


G-Floor Customs & Graphic