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Tent Guide: Trail Hotel Buyer’s Guide

Moab Trailer
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility
Posted October 1, 2012

Camping In Style

Exploring the great outdoors is a rich part of the wheeling hobby and for many a family tradition. While wheeling is our primary passion and reason for hitting the road less traveled, camping can be equally enjoyable. Inexpensive store-bought tents work well for the occasional camper, but those who are set on a true off-highway adventure are going to want more than a glorified tarp to keep them covered.

With a variety of expedition-style trailers, rooftop tents, and high-end bed-mounted campers—some of which are fitted with A/C units, mini kitchens, and showers—setting up camp on the trail can be about as plush as your taste and budget will allow.

Gathered here are some great tent and camper options for those ready for an overland adventure or a long weekend outing. While none of these camping cottages are exactly dirt cheap, they are well worth it for the wheeling enthusiast who makes going off of the grid a serious part of his wheeling regimen.

M.O.A.B. Trailers
The M.O.A.B. trailer from Bivouac Camping Trailers is a self-contained off-road camping trailer that measures 10.2 feet long and 6 feet wide and is fitted with 30-inch-tall tires. Supporting the 1,300-pound trailer is a single torsion axle that’s equipped with electronic brakes. Fort and Safari series trailers are also part of the camping trailer lineup.
Information: Bivouac Camping Trailers

Mobile Explorer
Moby 1 Expedition Trailers has a full line of trailers ranging from an ultra-lightweight, 280-pound model to a well-equipped 2,800-pound version. The XTR series is the company’s flagship and is fitted with independent trailing A-arms with coil springs, adjustable shocks, and a large amount of storage space. Door locks, built-in cabinetry, and anodized aluminum skin are all standard issue. A/C, 37-inch tires, a tankless water heater, and DC power can be optioned, and in some cases added on later.
Information: Moby 1 Expedition Trailers LLC

Campa Camp
Campa USA trailers are versatile trailers designed to be used in everything from off-road adventures to aiding with disaster recovery and relief. The kitchen room detaches via waterproof zippers, and so does the floor for easy cleaning. The rip-stop tent material is a waterproof and mildew-resistant synthetic that meets California’s flame retardation specs. The fly screens are made from a triple-weave, self-healing synthetic material which is said to block out 80 percent of UV rays.
Information: Campa USA

ARB Tour
The Simpson Series III from ARB is the latest in the line of Simpson rooftop tents. The tent’s structure comprises vacuum-lamented ABS along with anodized aluminum tubing for weight savings and strength. A 300GSM poly/cotton material makes up the body of the tent, while an Oxford polyester flysheet adds element protection. To access the bonded chip foam mattress inside of the tent, an anodized aluminum ladder is fitted with the kit.
Information: ARB USA

Popup Pickup
Four Wheel Campers offers a full line of popup campers. The Hawk (shown) is designed to fit in the short/standard bed of a fullsize pickup. This particular model is built to sleep four, has a sink and stove, and can be option in a variety of ways. The base model weighs around 735 pounds and offers 6 feet 6 inches of headroom with the camper in the up position. To provide rigidity and save weight, the Hawk is fitted with a welded aluminum flex-frame.
Information: Four Wheel Campers

Easy Camping
The Xklusiv T-Top rooftop tent from Eezi-Awn is the company’s flagship model. Included with the tent is a ground-level private changing room, a thick mattress, a ladder, and an elevated roofline. When closed, the Xklusiv folds to a 13-inch height. The T-Top model is currently offered in four sizes and two colors. A Globe Drifter version is also available for expedition trailers. For U.S. customers the Eezi-Awn tents are sold through Equipt Expedition Outfitters.
Information: Eezi-Awn

Tepui Tents
The three-man Tepui Autana rooftop tents have an extended privacy canopy entrance and include a removable annex with a PVC floor, screened side windows, and a rear door to access your vehicle. The tents come with universal mounting brackets that allow the tops to mount to most roof racks or aftermarket roof bars. The tent includes a telescoping ladder that works with most stock and lifted vehicles and includes an interior LED dome light.
Information: Tepui Tents

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