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Jeep Broken Down

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We ripped out of our main pit with the radiator filled, the electric fan properly wired, and our tanks full with gas, spare water, and ham sandwiches. We were back in the hunt for the leaders. But like rain on a wedding day, our temp gauge ruined our dreams of glory. The tough old 4.0L was overheating again. We stopped and tried to get any air out of the system and let it chill, to no avail. The engine wouldn’t run cool and was quickly losing power. Rocky decided he was upgrading to a V-8 after the race, so we threw caution to the wind and hoped to get as far as we could before the engine blew. He punched it. To our dismay, the engine just started knocking and then quit with no exciting bang or explosion. When it wouldn’t start up, the race was over for us. We had made it just halfway.