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February 1998 Home Grown How-Tos

Posted in How To on February 1, 1998
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Photographers: J.R. Martinez

Watch Out For That...
Hopping out of your vehicle onto a dark trail can be both dangerous and messy. One night I stepped out of mine to check a trail marker and landed in a big pile of evidence that we share our trails with horses. My solution was to mount inexpensive, recessed lights in the bottom of each door. I spliced their wires into those of the interior light so they would turn on automatically when I opened the door.
Fred L. Kendle
Carmichael, CA

Draw Your Parts!
I figured out an easier way to reassemble the locking hubs as well as other complicated components on my '91 Dodge pickup: As I remove a part, I lay it on a piece of cardboard, then outline and number it. This way, even if a part is knocked off the cardboard, I can still identify what it is and the order in which it should be reinstalled.
Christopher Magley
Flagstaff, AZ

Easy-Access Wiring
I was tired of trying to repair the taillight wiring in my '77 CJ-7 in its stock location underneath the vehicle, so I moved the wiring harness to inside my Jeep. The new harness runs from one light to the other, directly behind the rear seat in the small storage area. I drilled two 1/4-inch holes and ran the wires through these holes, then covered them with plastic tubing. Now the only wire exposed beneath the vehicle is about 9 inches long. And I didn't even have to order a new factory harness; I replaced the old wires with new ones that were the same color. It took about an hour and a few dollars for new wires.
Robert Robison
Cincinnati, OH

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