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How to install a Ramsey Quick Mount Winch

Posted in How To on September 1, 1998
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Photographers: Tori Tellem

Stuck bad. That's the primary reason you need a winch on your vehicle, but there are plenty of other reasons. When your buddies get stuck bad, for example. The winch can also be used to drag heavy objects with more precision than a tow strap.

Ramsey has developed a mount that makes this useful tool much more versatile: the Quick Mount system. This allows you to use the same winch on the front and rear of a vehicle. Just pull a trailer-hitch pin, slide the winch out of the receiver, and move it to the other end of the truck. The electrical hookups are handled through heavy-duty, push-together connections.

To get better acquainted with the system, we bolted one on a '97 Dodge Ram and then used the system for a few months. It's as simple and convenient as it sounds, and even though we doubted it, the front mount has proved to be very strong. We've performed several harsh side pulls without tweaking the frame mount or the platform.

The Ramsey Quick Mount (QM) overcomes many drawbacks of the traditional fixed mount: The winch can be used on the front or rear of the same vehicle, the same winch can be used on several vehicles as long as they have the proper mount and wiring, and the winch can be removed for better approach and departure angles.

The Quick Mount system has quite a few advantages. Here are some of the ones we've realized after using the winch for a few months:

•One winch, front and rear.
•Don't have to change the vehicle's springs to carry weight of winch.
•Less of a theft problem if you keep the winch in the garage until you're ready for the trail.
•Only there when you need it; doesn't extend in front of vehicle as much as a permanently mounted winch.
•Front receiver mount acts as a bumper guard from the bottom and will hold the weight of the vehicle (at least the one we tested).

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