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August 2013 4xForum

Warn Winch Quick Connect
Christian Lee | Writer
Posted July 26, 2013
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Winch Power

Power Plugs for Portable Winch
I enjoyed the article about installing a portable winch in the February 2013 issue. In one of the pictures you show a yellow two-part plug to allow the winch to be unplugged and moved on and off the 4x4 rig. Where can I buy this plug? How much it costs would help, too. Thanks.
R. Low
Via email

Mr. Low, the article you referenced detailed the installation of a Harbor Freight winch and receiver hitch mount on a 2004 Toyota 4Runner using a front receiver kit from CBI Off-Road. The quick-disconnect plugs shown in the article were purchased at a local hardware store. They are also available at Summit Racing [(800) 230-3030,] and other automotive parts vendors, and also as a pre-assembled kit from Warn [(800) 543-9276,] as part of its Quick Connect power accessories. I would suggest buying the pre-assembled kit as it works out to about the same cost after adding in cables and other parts. The pre-assembled kits sell for around $75 for a front wiring kit and $175 for a rear wiring kit. Hope this helps. Thanks for writing. ’Wheel on.

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  • Warn offers its Quick Connect power accessories to easily wire up a winch to the front or rear of your 4x4 when using a receiver hitch winch mount system. The Warn Quick Connect cables are available in lengths to accommodate mounting a winch at the front or rear of the vehicle.

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