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RC Jeep - Just A Small Jeep Obsession: Part 2

Axial Rc Jeep
Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted October 29, 2013

Our first upgrade

Last time in scale remote controlled Jp magazine land we introduced you to our new project. Since then we have been crazy busy with the 1:1 version of our obsession, namely full size Jeeps. But we keep on scheming and planning to get back to our 1:10th scale Axial Jeep Rubicon. Now you may remember that last time we had some problems with the plastic factory installed steering linkage on our Axial JK. Once the Jeep got into heavy rocks the steering went all buttery and suddenly we couldn’t control where the tires were aimed or where the little Jeep was going.

Luckily for us and you there is a solution for this that also helps with correcting any bending that the steering or control arms may do while you are crawling your Axial. This solution comes in the form of an Axial aluminum suspension links for 12.3-inch (313mm) wheelbase (PN AX30550). This is a pretty easy upgrade that will quickly improve both the steering and suspension action on your 1:10th JK Rubicon. We also used some lead weights from our local hobby shop to increase traction and lower the roll center of the little Jeep. Lastly we added a little bit of individual looks to our Jeep. Follow along as the mini project progresses.

Step By Step

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  • 1. Here’s the packaging for the Axial aluminum suspension link upgrade for 12.3-inch (313mm) wheelbase. This includes aluminum links and steering and all the hardware you’ll need to do the conversion. The kit also includes some easy to understand instructions to help you get all the right parts in the right place.

  • 2. Here are the aluminum links all assembled and ready to install. They are very lightweight and much stronger than the plastic links that our RTR Axial came with.

  • 3. To install the parts simply remove one plastic link at a time and replace it with the aluminum link you just assembled. Man if we bend that steering we are in trouble.

  • 4. Here’s a shot of the suspension links all ready to go. Just like your full size Jeep when you hit the throttle on your Axial JK the rear pinion wants to climb and the front wants to dive. The plastic suspension links allow lots of pinion movement that can damage the plastic driveshafts.

  • 5. The next trick we are gonna show you will help your little Jeep crawl by adding some weight low down, adding stability and traction. To do this you need to get some lead weights (these weights are used to balance remote control airplanes) and are available at hobby shops or on line (PN GPMQ4485). We got ours from RPP Hobby ( RPP Hobby is known for their selection and blazing fast shipping.

  • 6. We added six of the segmented weights to each of the front wheels. Each of the segments is 1/4-ounce. The weights are all backed with a double sided foam adhesive tape.

  • 7. Here is our last upgrade to the RC Rubicon for this installment before going wheeling in the yard. A Jp magazine sticker on a Jeep? It feels like home.

  • 8. Our first stop while wheeling just as it was starting to get dark was to hit the same rocks that bound up the steering last time. Not so much with the aluminum. Instead of acting like rubber the mini draglink and tie rod turned the tires as expected.

  • 9. Next time we will show you how to add some more personal flavor to your small JK to make it really stand out from the crowd.


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